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University of Maryland School of Medicine

  • University of Maryland School of Medicine Researchers Identify Critical Molecular Link Between Inflammation and Diabetes

    Study Uncovers a Previously Unknown Connection, Which Is Crucial To Disease Progression

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  • UM SOM Researcher Discovers New Potential Pathway for Treating Addiction

    Breakthrough Research Recognized with 2017 Grand Prize from Science Magazine

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  • Research Identifies Causes and Possible Treatments for Deadly Diseases Affecting Children in Developing Countries

    University of Maryland School of Medicine Researchers Explore How to Prevent Diarrheal Diseases, a Leading Cause of Death in Young Children in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

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  • New Study Shows Novel Collaborative Intensive Care Can Significantly Improve Treatment for Heart Patients – and Cut Costs

    University of Maryland School of Medicine Studies Heart Patients with Impaired Breathing

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  • Mother-Daughter Kayaking Team Complete 300-Mile Journey to Honor University of Maryland School of Medicine Breast Cancer Research Pioneer, Dr. Angela Brodie‌

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  • The School of Medicine Community Witnesses Historic Solar Eclipse at Davidge Hall

  • Tenth Annual Kids Mini-Med School Celebrates Graduation Day

    On August 16, 2017, the tenth session of Kids Mini-Med School came to a close with a class here on campus

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  • Study Finds That Proton-Beam Therapy is Safe for Treating an Aggressive Type of Lung Cancer

    Findings Suggest Treatment is Effective Compared to Standard Radiation

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  • Internationally Renowned Breast Cancer Researcher at University of Maryland School of Medicine

    A Pioneer in the Development of Lifesaving Breast Cancer Treatment

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4:00 PM | 108 N. Greene Street, Room 102 Seminar Announcement
9:00 AM | 660 W. Redwood Street, Howard Hall, Room 450 This seminar provides an overview of the systematic review process.
12:00 PM | Howard Hall Rm 450 Baltimore Brain Series
3:00 PM | HSF II Auditorium, 20 Penn Street "Amygdala-cortical circuits in reward valuation and expectation"
9:00 AM | John M. Dennis Auditorium, VAMC "Demystifying Medical Journals and the Editorial Process" Speaker ~ Jose G. Merino, M.D.
9:00 AM | 3C-1383C-138 Come Find Out What it can do for you!!Pictures of every single cell!
4:00 PM | Taylor Lecture Hall, BRB School of Medicine Council Meeting
4:00 PM | Health Sciences Facility II Auditorium Seminar with Darren Perkins, PhD
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