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Who We Are

Physiology is the bedrock of mechanistic science, essential to translating pre-clinical discoveries into precision therapeutics. The research programs in the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Department of Physiology focus on cellular and molecular mechanisms with a strong emphasis on integrative membrane physiology.


J. Marc Simard, MD, PhD
Interim Chair,
Department of Physiology

Our Research

Our faculty members run multi-level genes-to-molecules-to-cells-to-systems pre-translational and translational research programs, many involving intra-departmental teams.

The Physiology faculty is thus a highly cohesive and collaborative unit that finds a unified purpose in the notion that mechanistic studies of membrane biology can provide unique insights into the physiology, development, and pathophysiology of cardiovascular, renal, neural, and neuromuscular systems.

Contact Us

Department of Physiology
University of Maryland School of Medicine
655 West Baltimore Street, Room 5-007
Baltimore, M.D. 21201
Phone: 410-706-3652
Fax: 410-706-8341

To contact a member of our support staff, please visit Administrative Staff.