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Office of Student Research

The Office of Student Research is responsible for the medical student research programs and research education, community outreach to college undergraduates and upper level high school students, and the combined degree programs.

The mission of the Office of Student Research is to provide a unique resource for the School of Medicine with a focus on providing a diverse array of research opportunities and enhancing the research education for all of our medical students.

In addition, the Office of Student Research community outreach efforts seek to provide excellent opportunities for college undergraduates and high school students to stimulate and foster interest in careers in medicine and other allied health fields.


  • To provide all medical students with research education, including a research project; to enhance intellectual acuity and inquisitiveness; and to foster excellence in the development of clinicians, clinician educators, clinician scientists and physician investigators.
  • To provide all medical students with exceptional basic, translational and clinical research experiences in biomedical and behavior sciences which will provide them with skills, role models, and an understanding of the opportunities and careers available in academic medicine as well as enhance their academic portfolio for future application to competitive residency training programs.
  • To provide nurturing and mentoring for medical students with an interest in a research career or a combined degree program (MD/Masters, MD/MPH).
  • To provide educational opportunities for select college undergraduates through student research programs, so as to foster their interest in professional education in medicine and other allied health fields.

Mentor Registration for FRCT Course

Sign up as a Research Mentor for the Foundations of Research and Critical Thinking (FRCT) course. Visit the FRCT Mentor Registration webpage for more information.

PRISM Program Application

The Program for Research Initiated by Students and Mentors (PRISM) is open for applications. Visit the program webpage for more information.
Letter of Intent Deadline: January 24, 2020
Application Deadline: March 23, 2020

Medical Student Research Day

Medical Student Research Day (MSRD) 2019, held on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, celebrated the research conducted by medical students. Visit MSRD page for event program, abstract booklet, and award announcement.

Advertising for Student Participants

If you would like to request for advertising support to help recruit UM medical students to serve as participants in medical education research, please visit the Advertising for Student Participants webapge for more information and link to the request form.