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Resources & Tools

This page offers links to instructions, tools, and advice intended to support the success of our medical students.

EPIC Access for SOM Medical Students

First- and second-year medical students who need Epic Portfolio access for research with UMSOM Faculty PIs should follow the instructions listed on our Epic Access page.

Medical students in their third or fourth year seeking Epic access for research purposes should request access from their research department. Other requests for Epic access in the third or fourth year should be sent to the Office of Student Affairs (, and should include a description of why you are requesting access.

Recruitment of Students as Research Participants in Medical Education Studies

All requests to recruit UMSOM students to serve as participants in medical education studies will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Investigators should not utilize Dean’s office list servs without prior approval.

Please follow the instructions on our Advertise for Student Participants page to request approval.

Human Subjects Research – Required Training

If you are engaged in human subjects research, you are required to complete several online trainings. Details regarding these required trainings, how to access the trainings, and more information can be found on the UMB Human Research Protections Office (HRPO) page.

  • HIPAA training (HIPAA 125 and HIPAA 201): UM Medical Students should have completed, at minimum, HIPPA 125 before starting medical school. You should be able to retrieve a copy of your previously completed certificate(s) and complete additional courses through your existing HIPAA account. Refer to previous instructions from OSA/OME for how to access your HIPAA account as students.
  • Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) Training: Individuals are required to only take the modules related to the type of research in which they are engaged.
    • Group 1: Biomedical Research Investigator and Key Personnel
    • Group 2: Social/Behavioral Research Investigators and Key Personnel
    • Follow the instructions to access CITI training courses. Be sure to select “University of Maryland Baltimore” as your affiliate institution, not “University of Maryland Baltimore, School of Medicine.”
  • When in doubt, check with your research team and follow their training requirements.

Wet Lab Research Safety – Required Training

If you are working in a laboratory, you are required to complete laboratory safety training through the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office. Training covers Bloodborne Pathogens, Laboratory Chemical Safety, and Hazardous Waste related to laboratory research with human blood or body fluids, infectious materials, chemicals, general laboratory safety, and the disposal of hazardous materials.

Please consult with your mentor to determine your training requirements.

IRB & IAUCUC Approvals

All research needs to be reviewed by IRB or IAUCUC. Human subjects research, including human data, requires IRB review and research involving the handling of laboratory animals requires IAUCUC review. Students may need to be listed on their research team’s IRB or IAUCUC protocols prior to initiating research. Mentors are responsible for obtaining necessary approvals.

Please speak to your research mentor if you have further questions.

Research Involving the Veterans Affairs

If your research project involves using the Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities or VA patient data, you will need to fulfill VA administrative and research-related requirements. Requirements include completing VA training and the VA Without Compensation (WOC) process. Consult your mentor for more details.

Initiate the process as early as possible, as it can take a couple of months to process your paperwork after submission (i.e. submit your packet by February for summer research).

You can request application documents and initiate the process by contacting the VA:

  • Ryan Miller, BS
    Human Resources Liaison, Research and Development
    VA Medical Centre
    10 N. Greene Street, Baltimore Maryland, 21204
    Office: 410-605-7000, ext: 56509

Access to Software

  • Access to Software: Students should communicate with their research mentor to discuss what software their research team already has available for use, and address with them any additional software needs necessary to complete their research.
  • Access to REDCap: Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) is an application used to build and manage online surveys and databases. Please visit the UMB ICTR website for REDCap survey examples and access instructions.

Additional Research and Presentation Resources