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Since our inception in 1807, our faculty have made numerous advances that have dramatically and measurably impacted and improved people’s lives. Our research has not just been theoretical science, but has always had a patient-centered focus.  Every day, School of Medicine faculty are conducting groundbreaking research, asking “big science” questions, and making discoveries leading to new treatments and cures.  Our physician-scientists truly embody the School of Medicine’s guiding principle of  discovery-based medicine. Our approach to treatment, procedures and management of patients at hospitals across the University of Maryland Medical System is based on fundamental research conducted in the laboratory.

The School of Medicine's areas of research focus include:

Lab tech using a dropperBasic Science Research

Medical breakthroughs are built upon the foundation of basic science research research. The focus is on improving our understanding of health and human diseases at their most basic levels in order to develop more tailored therapies. Faculty scientists are turning more attention to chronic diseases with high morbidity, high mortality, and high disability - areas where we can make an impact and transform lives for the better.

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Anatomy of chest and lungsCardiovascular Research

Thanks to collaboration across research and clinical specialties, researchers are tackling complex heart conditions through discoveries and advancements in the laboratory, clinic and operating room.

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Researcher examining genetic codeGenomics Research

The emergence of genomic medicine and the growth of personalized and preventive medicine will catalyze fundamental changes at many different levels in the future of health care and health systems. In short, genomics is revolutionizing medicine and healthcare, with the development of new life-saving diagnostics and medications. 

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Collage of people around the worldGlobal Health and Vaccinology

Fighting diseases such as AIDS, EBOLA, Malaria and MERS, vaccinologists, virologists and other infectious disease experts at the University of Maryland are helping to protect people in 34 countries through the activities of the Institute of Human Virology and the Center for Vaccine Development.

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Test tube being held with tweezersStem Cell Research

By understanding the inner mechanics of how stem cells work, the Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine promises to make breakthroughs that will enable us to diagnose diseases earlier, cure them more effectively, and someday prevent them.

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Scientist looking into microscope with UM Greenebaum Cancer Center logo on top of graphicUniversity of Maryland’s Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center

The University of Maryland’s Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMGCCC) is a nationally respected cancer center with high caliber scientific leadership and robust programs in basic, clinical and population science research.

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