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Office of Postdoctoral Scholars

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Our Office:

  • Develops and implements postdoc policies and procedures.
  • Advises our Postdoctoral Association (PDA).
  • Works towards creating a postdoctoral community throughout the UMSOM and beyond.
  • Creates and collaborates with campus partners and with outside partners through professional development and skill-building programs.
  • Assists the UMSOM with data for Training Grants.
  • Provides training and workshops for faculty that mentor postdocs.
  • Consults and assists with conflict resolution for postdocs and their mentors.


Our Mission

Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Social Justice Compact

Office of International Services

The mission of the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars (OPS) is to enrich the training experiences and long-range outcomes of our postdocs by fostering a sense of community, new collaborations, providing leading research training support, and career development opportunities.

Our institution recognizes the valuable contributions made to the research enterprise and intellectual community by our postdoctoral researchers.

The Office of Postdoctoral Scholars is dedicated to providing each postdoctoral fellow, and the faculty that mentor postdoctoral fellows, with the support they need to succeed. We collaborate with UMSOM departments, faculty, and staff as well as outside partners to enhance the research, training, wellness, and professional development of postdocs, and to support their transition to successful careers in academia, industry, government, and other sectors.

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