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2022 Postdoctoral Advisory Committee

To help the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars (OPS) move forward and adapt to the changing times and the changing postdoctoral fellows' landscape, we seek input from various stakeholders. This Postdoctoral Advisory Committee consists of current postdocs, UMB faculty members, and UMB alumni now working in different biomedical fields. Committee members serve two-year terms and meet once every three months. 

Current Committee Members

  • Adam Schayowitz, PhD, Vice President, Medicine Team Group Lead, Breast Cancer, CRC, Melanoma, Pfizer 
  • Alexandros Poulopoulos, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology 
  • Jason Aungst, PhD, Acting Director, Senior Science Advisor Staff, FDA 
  • Jennifer Aumiller, MEd, Director, Office of Postdoctoral Scholars and Career Development for Pre and Postdoctoral Career Development 
  • Garima Bansal, PhD, Postdoc, Department of Medicine
  • Nick Weir, PhD, Postdoc, Department of Physiology 
  • Philip Iffland, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology 
  • Renee Cockerham, PhD, Program Manager, Office of Postdoctoral Scholars
  • Tara LeGates, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Maryland Baltimore County 
  • Ulyana Desiderio, PhD, Director, Life Sciences, Maryland Department of Commerce 


For more information, please contact Renee Cockerham.