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Department of Pediatrics

Our goal is to assure every child in Maryland the very best medical care available in an environment dedicated to children and their families, with services fully integrated to meet individual needs. 

As the outstanding regional and community referral resource for the primary, specialty and critical care of infants and children, we commit to provide:

  • Inpatient care for our sickest children and support for their families, including complete subspecialty and emergency services.

  • Strong community service, emphasizing preventive care, especially among at-risk populations.

  • Solid clinical and educational experiences for our students and residents, many of them Maryland’s future pediatricians, nurses and other health care professionals.

  • An emphasis on laboratory and clinical investigations to ensure the leadership role we've established in children’s health care research.


18 apr
Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds 8:00 AM | Hosick Lecture Hall

TOPIC: Healthy Habits and Obesity Prevention During the First 2000 Days

SPEAKER: Maureen Black, Ph.D., Clinical Professor, Division of Growth and Nutrition

22 APR
Seminar Series on NeuroDevelopment 3:30 PM | HSFII Auditorium

Speaker: Raul Chavez Valdez, MD
Topic: Long-lasting GABAergic Deficits following Neonatal Hypoxia-Ischemia

2 may
Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds 8:00 AM | Hosick Lecture Hall

TOPIC: How to Communicate Science to the Public--Or Die Trying

SPEAKER: Paul A. Offit, MD, Director, Vaccine Education Center, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia