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Program in Comparative Medicine

Comparative Medicine was established as an Academic Program in 1989 by the Executive Committee of The School of Medicine. Faculty members in Comparative Medicine hold joint appointments in other departments. Areas of faculty expertise are in the fields of clinical laboratory animal medicine, surgery, comparative pathology, microbiology, immunology, genetics and infectious diseases. (See our Accreditation/Memberships)

Comparative Medicine faculty members conduct independent and collaborative research in a variety of fields. They are available for consultation on animal research protocols, laboratory animal management and development of grant applications proposing the use of animals. Members participate in the teaching of medical students as well as graduate and postdoctoral students. We also provide postdoctoral residency and graduate training programs for veterinarians in the fields of Laboratory Animal Medicine and Veterinary Pathology.

As members of Veterinary Resources, we also provide veterinary supervision for husbandry and health care related to facilities management, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of intercurrent disease in research animals.