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Division of Community Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

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The Division of Community Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine is comprised of two programs:

  • A community-facing outreach and advocacy program: STAR TRACK
  • A comprehensive primary and specialty care clinical practice: the Adolescent and Young Adult Center (AYAC)

The Division’s mission is to offer a continuum of services to meet the needs of infants, children, youth, and young adults living with or affected by HIV.


STAR TRACK has been a national leader in the care of youth and young adults ages 12-24 living with or affected by HIV for more than 20 years. STAR TRACK provides comprehensive health education, HIV and STI testing, linkage to health care and support services, transgender health navigation, advocacy, and outreach to youth and young adults across Maryland. STAR TRACK also provides professional development to youth-serving organizations, increasing the capacity of institutions and individuals to provide responsive and affirming services to youth and young adults. 

STAR TRACK’s Guiding FrameworksCom Into Our Space van

  • Sex Positivity: Prioritizing and centering choice, consent, pleasure, desire, decision-making, sexual health, and healthy relationships.
  • Harm Reduction: Centering strategies and goals that youth seek out without pushing for behavior change before youth are willing and prepared to take next steps.
  • Strengths-Based: Viewing young people as resilient, creative, and resourceful with tangible strengths, motivation, and self-determination.
  • Community Driven: Listening to, learning from, and valuing community needs, input, and direction.
  • Youth Centered: Following youth needs and providing access to information and resources requested.
  • Social Justice with emphasis on Racial Justice: Understanding that HIV is a racial justice issue, proven through the social determinants of health. We address, from a historical point of view, the complex and unique needs of low-income POC.

STAR TRACK has developed a unique HIV self-testing program, THAT BOX: Testing Healthcare and Treatment, specifically for youth and young adults in Maryland.  This program allows youth and young adults to receive HIV and STI education, screening, and referrals to appropriate resources without the barriers of traditional healthcare settings.

THAT BOX kits are distributed by mail and during mobile/offsite outreach activities. For youth in unstable housing, or those who are unable to receive mail, collaborations with community partners allow for youth to pick up THAT BOX kits at remote sites including the post office.

Adolescent and Young Adult Center (AYAC)

AYAC provides health services, expertise and leadership to communities affected by HIV/AIDS in Maryland by providing affirming, comprehensive, interdisciplinary, individualized and confidential health care to infants, children, youth, and young adults living with or at risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS.

AYAC is located within the University of Maryland Medical System (120 Penn Street). AYAC clinical programs are tailored to meet our patients’ needs, and responsive to changes in the community.

AYAC provides comprehensive primary care and HIV care for youth and young adults living with HIV, as well as primary care and support services for high-risk HIV-negative youth. Our comprehensive continuum of services includes family planning, including gynecologic care, and STI prevention/treatment.

We offer same-day appointments and walk-in services for HIV/STI testing and treatment. In collaboration with the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, we offer a range of unique services for transgender individuals and their friends, family, and significant others.

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737 W. Lombard St., Suite 215
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-706-8931
Fax: 410-328-4379