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Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health (CVD)


Empowering Global Health through Pioneering Vaccinology:
At CVD, our pursuit transcends research; we are on a mission to save lives and foster health equity. Established in 1974, our Center embodies the spirit of innovation, developing vaccines that address the world's most pressing infectious diseases. With a robust legacy of over 100 U.S. patents, our global footprint extends from the labs of the University of Maryland to the farthest reaches of underserved populations. Our multidisciplinary approach tackles existing diseases and prepares us to combat emerging pathogens, ensuring a healthier future for all. Join us in our journey from discovery to global impact and be part of the vaccine revolution securing humanity's well-being.

Why We Do It:
For over fifty years, the Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health has been driven by a singular vision: to promote health and equity by defeating infectious diseases affecting millions, particularly vulnerable populations. Our unwavering mission is to harness academic medicine's and innovative research's power to make this vision a reality.

How We Benefit the World:
CVD operates as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change locally and internationally. We spearhead collaborative efforts to prevent, diagnose, treat, control, and eradicate infectious diseases. Through comprehensive research, vaccine development, and training the next generation of scientific leaders, we're not just developing vaccines—we're crafting solutions for global health challenges.

What We Do:
As a leader in the field, CVD’s broad spectrum of initiatives includes groundbreaking basic science, vaccine development, and field studies worldwide, leading to over 100 patents and numerous accolades. From combating enteric diseases to fighting malaria and preparing for future pandemics, we’re at the forefront of scientific discovery and application.

Join us as we continue our journey from innovation to impact for a healthier and equitable future for all.

Our faculty and staff are global health and vaccinology experts dedicated to improving global health by conducting innovative, world-leading research. Our fundamental mission is to harness the power of vaccines to prevent disease and save lives in the most vulnerable populations.

Our research, surveillance, and vaccine development focus on five key areas: Enteric DiseasesMalariaInfluenza and Respiratory Diseases, Emerging Pathogens, and Antimicrobial Resistance.

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Miriam K. Laufer, MD

Associate Director for Malaria Research;
Interim Director of the Center for Vaccine Development & Global Health (CVD)

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