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Malaria Research Program

MRP staff on ropes course

Malaria Research Project Fact Sheet


β€Œβ€ŒThe Malaria Research Program aims to support global malaria eradication efforts by developing and deploying innovative tools for improved malaria treatment, prevention and surveillance.

In our molecular parasitology and immunology laboratories in Baltimore and at field research sites across Africa and Asia we lead clinical trials of malaria drugs and vaccines and investigate:

  • antimalarial drug resistance
  • molecular and genomic epidemiology
  • immuno-epidemiology
  • pathogenesis
  • malaria in pregnancy
  • interactions between malaria and co-infections including HIV and schistosomiasis.

Recognizing that eradication can only be accomplished by building upon successful local and regional elimination efforts, we work in collaboration with researchers across the globe to train young scientists and clinical investigators, and build research capacity on the ground in malaria-endemic countries.β€Œ 

A map showing where international projects affiliated with the CVD have been initiatedβ€Œ