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Malaria Research Program

The CVD's Malaria Research Program relentlessly pursues a world free from malaria. Our mission is to fight global infectious disease, including malaria, in the laboratory, in clinical trials, and in advocacy.  

Why We Do It: Our core motivation is to eradicate malaria, a disease that continues to claim hundreds of thousands of lives each year, predominantly young children in sub-Saharan Africa. Through advanced research and community engagement, we strive to eliminate this disparity and promote equity in global health. 

How We Benefit the World: We combat malaria through our cutting-edge research, policy making, and training and educational programs that span continents. Our efforts are amplified through strategic alliances with our ever-growing group of collaborators. 

What We Do: CVD's Malaria Research Program is a leader in: 

  • Epidemiological Research: Understanding and disrupting malaria's transmission dynamics; measuring the impact of vaccination and other prevention strategies 
  • Vaccine Development: Antigen discovery and testing of next-generation malaria vaccines. 
  • Drug Resistance Studies: Identifying the emergence and spread of resistant malaria strains and developing strategies to prevent spread. 
  • Global Policy Advisement: Shaping interventions and policies for disease control. 
  • Training Future Leaders: Educating the next generation of global health pioneers. 

With our rich history of scientific discoveries and our commitment to equity, the CVD Malaria Research Program stands at the forefront of global efforts against a broad range of infectious diseases. 

We are an interdisciplinary team of dedicated physicians and scientists committed to eradicating malaria and training the next generation of researchers. For more details about our specific projects, please select from our thematic units described below. 

A map showing where international projects affiliated with the CVD have been initiated