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International Clinical Trials

Matthew B. Laurens, MD, MPH

The International Clinical Trials Unit within the Malaria Research Program conducts studies of malaria epidemiology, vaccines, and therapeutics to increase knowledge of malaria transmission, immunology, prevention, and treatment in areas where malaria circulates. Current projects include a clinical study of a novel mRNA-based malaria vaccine, a pharmacokinetic study of intravenous artesunate in children with severe malaria, and a study of genetic determinants of severe malaria. The International Clinical Trials Unit collaborates with partners in endemic areas, industry groups, other academic institutions, and funding organizations to conduct studies using the highest standards of good clinical practice. Focused areas of research include the evaluation of vaccine-resistant malaria and the genetic basis of vaccine escape, serological profiling of populations exposed to malaria, evaluation of potential correlates of malaria protection, and malaria vaccine design.

The unit is led by Dr. Matthew Laurens, an infectious diseases physician with training in pediatrics and public health. Dr. Laurens mentors young investigators and trainees at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and at international clinical trial sites that are supported through the Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health.