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Our Global Footprint

With projects in more than a dozen countries located in South America, Africa and Asia, our researchers are working in areas to:

Our Key Locations:

Health Sciences Facility:

Laboratory space encompasses the third and fourth floors of the Health Sciences Facility l (HSF l) at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine, including 19,000 sq. ft. of lab and lab support space, a 1,200 sq. ft. outpatient clinical area and 8,000 sq. ft. of office, administrative and teaching space. Specialized facilities include the insectary and dedicated labs for vector-borne diseases, cellular immunology and flow cytometry, antigen purification and bacterial genetics.


Phone: +1 (410) 706-4418
Lab Manager: Christen Grassel

Berry and Travassos, Immunoepidemiology and Pathogenesis Unit
Phone: +1 (410) 706-5328
Lab Manager: Matthew Adams

Phone: +1 (410) 706-5328
Lab Manager: Matthew Adams

Phone: +1 (410) 706-1745
Lab Manager: Jim Sinclair

Phone: +1 (410) 706-1976

Lab Manager: Jane Michalski
Phone: +1 (410) 706-3004

Laufer, Director, Malaria Research Program
Phone: +1 (410) 706-5328
Lab Manager: Matthew Adams

Laurens, International Clinical Trials Unit
Phone: +1 (410) 706-5328
Lab Manager: Matthew Adams

Lyke, Malaria Vaccine and Challenge Unit
Phone: +1 (410) 706-5328
Lab Manager: Matthew Adams

Phone: +1 (410) 706-0095
Lab Manager: Regina Harley

Phone: +1 (410) 706-5328
Lab Manager: Matthew Adams

Phone: +1 (410) 706-1503
Lab Manager: Mardi Reymann

Phone: +1 (410) 706-5335
Lab Manager: Brittany Curtis

Takala-Harrison, Malaria Genomic Epidemiology Unit
Phone: +1 (410) 706- 5328
Lab Manager: Matthew Adams

Phone: (410) 706-0599
Lab Manager: Jasnehta Permala Booth


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Mali, West Africa

We have had long-standing collaboration with international academic and research institutions in West Africa, where we have been conducting epidemiology research and malaria vaccine trials for more than two decades. We have been collaborating with the Malaria Research and Training Center (MRTC) of the University of Sciences, Technique, and Technologies of Bamako (USSTB) in Mali. We also collaborate with the Centre National de Recherche et de Formation sur le Paludisme (CNRFP or National Center for Malaria Research and Training) in Burkina Faso.

In 2001, a formal agreement between the Ministry of Health of Mali and the CVD at the University of Maryland, established a unit in Mali. CVD-Mali is dedicated to quantifying the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases, testing the safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of relevant new vaccines and training future Malian vaccinologists. As a part of the Ministry of Health, CVD-Mali has the opportunity to bring research results to the attention of decision-makers and directly impact public health policy.

CVD-Mali's research laboratories and specialized training capacity support sophisticated, hypothesis-driven research and increased opportunities for collaboration. Learn More >


In Malawi, our faculty have been collaborating for more than 15 years with the University of Malawi College of Medicine and its affiliates Blantyre Malaria Project and Malaria Alert Center in the conduct of numerous epidemiological studies and clinical trials. 

Santiago Chile

Our relationship with the government, universities and health services of Santiago, Chile began in 1978. The Chile program, Centro para Vacunas en Desarrollo - Chile (CVD - Chile), is headquartered in the Roberto del Rio Children’s Hospital.

Our historical collaboration in Santiago includes: