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Center for Health-related Informatics and Bioimaging (CHIB)


The Center for Health-related Informatics and Bioimaging (CHIB) is a multidisciplinary effort to address grand challenges in genomic research, medical information management and precision medicine in key areas like Parkinson's disease, cancer, autism and diabetes. CHIB combines advanced computing resources at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) with clinical data and biomedical expertise at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). Our research faculty, clinicians and technical staff from these two institutions — which together bring in more than $1 billion per year in research funding — are committed to revolutionizing the efficiency and effectiveness of health care in the state of Maryland and beyond.


The Center for Health-related Bioinformatics and Imaging (CHIB) will pursue a comprehensive vision of health care, ranging from fundamental science in the laboratory to patient care in hospitals and in homes–all supported by the latest technological advances.

CHIB will investigate novel approaches for understanding massive amounts of biological, medical, behavioral and health data, including genomics, imaging and electronic health records.

Partnering with other centers and institutes at the College Park and Baltimore campuses–as well as government labs, regional biotech and biomedical startups and others–CHIB's goal is to advance discoveries that can rapidly move from the laboratory, to therapeutics, to patient care.

The Center for Health-related Informatics and Bioimaging fosters innovative interdisciplinary research by supporting an advanced research-computing infrastructure with services and resources for:
  • High Performance Computing on a variety of architectures including clusters of computers acting as distributed-memory parallel systems, Symmetric Multi-Processing systems and General-Purpose GPU systems.

  • Data Intensive Computing on a variety of disk, tape and file-system platforms which host large data collections for our labs and the national research community with a focus on long-term preservation of digital data and human-computer interfaces for digital libraries.

  • Distributed Computing on high-speed local and wide area networks through the Mid Atlantic Crossroads (MAX), the Next Generation Internet Exchange (NGIX), the Internet2 and the National Lambda Rail.

  • Visual Computing on very high-resolution tiled displays and in immersive visualization environments.

Each of the Center's facilities is led by distinguished faculty members who direct the work of our researchers, systems administrators, network engineers and programmers. These interactions between academic researchers and information technology professionals equip the Institute's leading research programs with cutting edge technologies and forward-thinking infrastructure.

Visit CHIB Website

Visit CHIB Website


Mihai Pop, PhD

Interim Director

(301) 405-7245

Owen R. White, PhD

Associate Director
(410) 706-6751

Jacquelyn Meisel

CHIB Fellow


BioPark II Building
801 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201


Monday through Friday
7:00am - 5:00pm


Office: (410)706-6755