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Archived Headlines

2017/05/15 - UMMS Network Response to Global Cyber Attacks

In response to a global Cyber Security Attack  known as "WannaCry2" the UMMS network has taken the action to block the ability to launch Gmail, Yahoo mail, and other pubic email from any UMMS production network.  This does not impact the guest network.  They are also currently blocking any incoming email containing a .zip file.  At present, there is no ETA for a change in this policy. 

If this causes a detriment to your daily work function, please contact UMM Support directly at 8-HELP.


2017/03/22 - Medicine Remote Desktop Changes

We are converting our “Medicine Remote Desktop” to a new server. This new server will make use of the Two-Factor authentication process mentioned in the 2017/03/08 Headline below. If you have not already setup your DUO access, it is highly recommended that you do so now.

Please see our knowledgebase article FAQ #: 180 for information on how to use the system.

On April 5th,  access using the old address ( will be removed and you must begin using the new server (

On April 12th, DUO will become mandatory for all users of this system. If you have not setup your DUO access by this date you will not be able to access the system.

2017/03/16 - Service Desk Email Address Change

Effective immediatly Service Desk will be using a new email address. You will now see email from Service Desk coming from Please use this new address when emailing Service Desk.

2017/03/08 - Important security changes coming to all Remote Access Systems

Under the direction of the Information Security Office we will soon be requiring Multi Factor Authentication(A.K.A Two-Factor Authentication) for all remote access solutions (Medicine Remote Desktop, VPN, Outlook Webaccess , Outlook Phone App and Office 365).

What does this mean?  Instead of just entering your password to authenticate, an additional factor will be required.  Examples include a prompt from a mobile app, a text message or a phone call.

In the coming weeks we will be rolling out Duo, the campus multi factor system, to these services. These roll outs will be staggered and announcements will be made as we prepare to enable Duo on them.

For more information on Duo, please visit the Duo MFA site. From this page, you will also have the opportunity to enroll in Duo prior to our rollout. If you use any of the remote access solutions, it is highly recommended that you pre-enroll to ease the transition once we begin the rollout.

2017/01/13 - Service Desk Outage Complete

Service desk migration has been completed. Moving forward, you will now need to log into Service Desk with your login username follwed by (i.e.

If there are any issues with logging into the service, please email for further assistance.

2017/01/10 - Reporting Suspicious E-mail

Effective immediately please forward all suspicious email to for analysis and further instruction.

2017/01/03 - VA Remote Access Update

I have confirmed with the VA that our users can still use MobilePass and will not be required to use a PIV card reader.  However, you must request an exception for CAG Non-VA Hospital by calling  the National Service Desk at 855-NSD-HELP (855-673-4357), select Option 5, then Option 2.

2016/12/16 - Our New Site

We hope you like our new site and find it more useful as a subsection within our departmental website.  We have updated our policies so please be sure to read them.  The old site will automatically redirect to our new site, however, please bookmark our new address as the redirect will not be in place indefinitely.

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact Ed Heiger

2016/12/15 - Outlook Web Access

Once you are migrated to Outlook, please use the “Outlook Web Access” icon on the right to check your mail. Do not use GroupWise Web Access once you have been migrated.

2016/12/15 - Outlook Migration Update

The process has begun and our I/S accounts will be migrated the week of the 19th.  We are looking for a small group of users willing to migrate after I/S the last week of December.  You must be tolerant of any issues that may arise as we refine the migration process.  If you are interested, please contact Ed Heiger.  A migration schedule is being put together and we will contact you via email prior to your migration.  I believe the migration will be finished by the end of February.  In the meantime, we suggest that you visit our useful documents page to review our Outlook guides and training to familiarize yourself with the program. 

2016/10/05 - Dell Business Laptops Standard

We only support Dell Business Laptops, other brands will no longer be considered.

2016/09/20 - PACS/eUnity Login

"SOM MEDICINE" is now required for login.

2016/09/19 - EPIC/Portfolio Not Loading

If you have problems with EPIC hanging, double-click "Citrix Receiver..." in the Application Launcher. Once it's complete try again. If this does not work a ticket will be required.

2016/09/14 - Mac Problems Connecting to Server Drives

We are aware of problems with Macs not connecting to H and I drives and are working on a permanent solution. If you are experiencing this problem, please enter a ticket for a workaround.

2016/09/14 - Important Password Changes

Until we migrate to Outlook, IF you want to change your Med/EPI password you must change it two times using the sites below. Otherwise, your GroupWise password will not be in sync with your network/computer password. Please do not forget to update the password on your phone(if you have GroupWise on it) or your account will become locked out. 

GroupWise only

Computer Login, Service Desk, etc.

2016/09/10 - Laptop Conversions

If your laptop has not been converted since the Phase 1 migration, please enter a ticket to get this scheduled. Laptops that have not been converted will not receive the Office 2016/Outlook upgrade scheduled for Phase 3.

2016/09/09 — Remote Access

Filr is no longer in service. If you require remote access to more than just e-mail, please enter a ticket to see what options are available to you. Prior authorization from your supervisor or administrator is required for staff.

2016/09/09 — Login to FPI, SOM and UMM Computers

It is now possible for all users to login to FPI, SOM or UMM computers by using som\username with your normal password. (i.e. som\eheiger) The H and I drives should map on SOM and FPI computers. Eventually they will map on UMM computers as well.