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Division Administrators

New User Request
     Request Account
     View/Retrieve Request Status
     Request File System Rights
User Disable/Removal Request
Departing Employee Checklist
User Cleanup Policy

New User Request

Request Account

PLEASE NOTE: It is advisable to first consult the Global Address Book in Outlook to determine if there is an existing account for your user. If so, please submit a ticket so a transfer may be initiated, rather than requesting a new account, which will be rejected.

***FPI Employee accounts are now created via automation. Please do not submit new user requests using these steps.

  1. Login to: using your SOM username and password, and select SOM from the dropdown.
  2. Under Create Request select Single User Creation.
  3. (Mandatory Step) Make sure the Selected Template is: DeptOfMedicine-Workflow-WithExchangeOnlineMailbox
  4. (Mandatory Step) Enter the new users full name in the subject to easily identify the request.
  5. Enter a Description.
    • Enter any additional information here.
  6. Enter the appropriate fields on all tabs except "Internal Use". Red are required fields. Be sure to check for spelling and accuracy.
    • Note: Some fields are read only and automatically filled out by the system from the other required fields.
    • ***UMMS employees only: Please enter the UMMS ID of the user in the appropriate field. Failure to do so will result in processing delays.***
    • (Mandatory Step) For the User Start Date enter the users HR start date/first day of employment. 
    • (Mandatory Step) For the Select Container click the plus icon and select the appropriate container. “ADMan Default User Creation” will not provide appropriate access and must be changed.
    • The "Company" field should reflect the users HR group. Temp employees should be set to Other.
    • For some of the drop downs you can search for an entry or browse. If browsing note the < > symbols in the upper right next to the search. Use these to switch scrollable pages.
    • It is highly recommended to select the Manager field, under the Contact tab, and provide the name of the user’s direct report. This will provide in various systems a view of organizational structure and auto populate various teams.
  7. Click Create Request when done.
  8. The “SAM Account Name:” and “Password:” fields will be populated. Do not use/record these as this information will possibly change at approval. A member of the I/S team must now approve the account before it will be created.

***Per Information Security Office guidance user accounts can only be created up to two days prior to the users HR start date. 

***Approval by Medicine I/S is not guaranteed same day. Review and approval will occur as time and availability permits.

View/Retrieve Request Status

  1. Once the request has been approved you will receive an email of the approval.
  2. (Mandatory Step) Login to:
  3. In the left menu click on All Requests.
  4. Locate the approved request and click on the Subject.
    You may need to change the Filter By in the upper right to view approved requests.
  5. Click on View Objects.
  6. (Mandatory Step) Note the Logon Name and Password. Provide this information to the end user along with the New User Reference document.

PLEASE NOTE: Once created, New User Requests can only be accessed by the requestor. If there is an issue with the initial password/login, please ensure that all steps for changing the password are completed within the New User Reference document. If problems persist, or the request is not retrievable, please submit a ticket.

Request File System Rights

Please submit a Service Desk ticket once the account has been approved.

It is advisable to also request remote access for users who are primarily off-site, out of the office for more than 90 days at a time, or may rarely access Department-supported laptops and PCs.

User Disable/Removal Request

Please use the following instructions for users that have already left the organization. Requests to disable accounts on a specific date in the future should be requested via a Service Desk ticket.

  1. Login to:
  2. Under Create Request Select Disable Users.
  3. Enter the users full name in the subject to easily identify the request.
  4. Enter a Description
    • Enter any additional information here such as when to disable the account. If no information is entered the account will be disabled when reviewed by a technician.
  5. Select User(s) to be disabled.
  6. Click Create Request

Once the request has been reviewed by a technician they will disable the account(s) and you will be notified of the request approval via email. 

***Approval by Medicine I/S is not guaranteed same day. Review and approval will occur as time and availability permits.

Departing Employee Checklist

A workforce member's direct supervisor should perform the following steps when a workforce member is either terminated or transferred to another department or division:

  • Notification of termination to the employee's direct employer.
  • Notification of termination to the finance division/office.
  • Submit the User Disable/Removal Request for proper removal of Medicine/EPI Information Systems accounts. 
  • Notification of termination to other campus employers (e.g. FPI, UMMS, Sate of Maryland, VA.) so they can remove the employee from their Information Systems. (Examples: EPIC, PowerChart, BRAAN, IDX, etc.)
  • Retrieval of all badges, parking permits, keys, remote access tokens, access cards, and/or identification cards the workforce member may have.
  • Retrieval of all University owned equipment (Laptops, Work from Home Computer, etc.)
  • Delete or modify voice-mail.
  • Notification of termination to other Business associates that may have dealt with workforce member.
  • Provide a reminder about keeping patient and/or sensitive information confidential.

User Cleanup Policy

Division Administrators must certify their respective user lists, bi-annually. We will provide all admins detailed instructions for accessing and viewing your user lists. We will provide these instructions and a reminder on 2 dates throughout the year.

*** As a reminder, ALL user departures should be reported to I\S as soon as possible so that we may disable accounts in a timely fashion to comply with HIPPA and UMB campus policies.