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2024/01/30 - Important Reminder: Leave your computer on every night!

It is critical and mandatory to leave all UMB owned/Work purchased computers (Mac and Windows) powered on and connected to the internet at night for security/patching.

The following events are scheduled late at night to minimize disruption and to adhere to campus security policies:

  • virus/malware scans to detect and remove malicious software
  • installation of critical security patches
  • important software upgrades
  • inventory scans to ensure an accurate listing of hardware and software

***Computers no longer being used should be returned to Medicine I/S for assessment (enter a ticket) and/or disposal.***

2023/12/19 - Updates to our Email Encryption policy

Recent updates to our email encryption policies may impact how you send and receive sensitive information.   Please review the information below. 

Do Not Forward Restriction

Emails sent with the [secure] tag in the subject have been configured to be encrypted AND have a Do Not Forward restriction.   This Do Not Forward restriction will prevent the recipients of the encrypted message from forwarding the message on to any other recipient.  Additionally, this Do Not Forward restriction prevents a recipient from copy/paste functions for any content in the body of the email.   Attachments can still be downloaded without restrictions.  Recipients will be informed of these restrictions in their email client by a message like the screenshot below.

A screenshot of a email

Description automatically generated

The Do Not Forward restriction may vary depending on the recipient’s email client.    In some email clients, recipients may be able to forward the message as normal, however, when the recipient of the forwarded message tries to view the message, they will be denied access to the message.

Internal Email Encryption

Emails sent from SOM to FPI, UMMS, and UMB that include the [secure] tag have also been configured to be encrypted.  Outlook users who utilize the Preview Pane, may see the following on an encrypted email.  

To view the message, the recipient just needs to open the message completely to view the contents.

In some cases, Outlook users may still receive the full encrypted message warning in the screenshot below.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

Recipients can click the “Read the message" button and authenticate using their Microsoft365 credential or requesting a One-Time Passcode.

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