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Grateful Patient Stories: Al Brown

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition

Al Brown, grateful patient

I would like to commend University of Maryland School of Medicine for their proactive support and expertise in the handling of my overall health and specifically, the management of my diabetes. Having just moved to Maryland in 2009 I needed to establish a primary care physician. My research indicated University of Maryland School of Medicine as a good starting point. I met with Dr. Jong-Soo J. Hong, now my primary care doctor, who immediately wanted me to be looked over by an endocrinologist, even though my previous doctor in New Jersey had diagnosed me with Type-1 diabetes. THANK GOODNESS FOR Dr. HONG! His desire to establish his own baseline ultimately confirmed doubts I held about my diabetic classification.  Complete blood work established that I am not a Type-1 diabetic, but am instead a variation of Type-2 whose vitamin-D deficiency contributes to the effects of diabetes.

Having placed myself in the Endocrinology Division's hands, I am under Dr. Rana Malek's very competent care. I am blessed to have her as my endocrinologist. In general, it is easy for any doctor, especially given the workload, to just stick with a prior diagnosis. Such an approach can be disadvantageous to the patient. Dr. Malek didn’t do that.  She sought her own information.

The wonderful thing about Dr. Malek is her willingness to continually review leading edge medical studies and industry products. The results she gathers are offered as suggestions to the patient for their study, letting them try the solution that may work best with their lifestyle. I am truly fortunate to have this doctor. Thanks for the opportunity to sing her praises, this doctor deserves it!

Al Brown  

P.S.  Attached is a photo showing a rather happy patient. Yes, that's right, when both doctor and patient work together the patient is happy!

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