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Grateful Patient Stories: Chuck Keyserling

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Nutrition

Chuck Keryserling, grateful patient

I have chosen to drive the 34 miles one way to the University of Maryland Center for diabetes check-ups and treatment twice a year for the last ten years because I believe the University’s Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Nutrition provides the highest quality of care for diabetic patients.  In my opinion, the doctors at University of Maryland have been top notch and have contributed directly to my success in treating my type-2 diabetes. I was diagnosed 18 years ago but at age 72, I can say that because of good management, I have had few diabetic complications.

One of the things that I particularly like is that the bloodwork is done before the office visit. My A1C and glucose levels are already measured so when I meet with the doctor, up-to-date, accurate information is available. Dumping data from my glucose meter also adds to the information the doctor has to understand the status of my diabetes.

Dr. Alan Shuldiner is the best endocrinologist that has ever treated me because of his depth of knowledge, how well he keeps up-to-date and his connection to many of the leading researchers in diabetes. He also listens to his patients, therefore providing better care by tailoring the treatment of each patient to his or her needs.

Chuck Keyserling