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2019/03/21 - Attention: Users with a UMB Windows work laptop only

We must upgrade all supported computers to Windows 10 as soon as possible as Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 in January 2020. As a result, we need your help with laptops. Please review the bullet points below and contact us as soon as possible as necessary. 

  • Personal laptops are not affected, only work laptops purchased with UMB funds.
  • If your laptop is not listed on the attachement sent as part of the orignial email of this post, it is out of support.
    • Unused laptops must be returned to the University for proper disposal and cannot be given to non-UMB employees.
    • Please enter a ticket for disposal or assistance with a replacement quote.
  • If your laptop is < 7 years old and running Windows 7, please enter a ticket for an evaluation and/or upgrade to Windows 10.
    • Use this link to determine if you have Windows 7 or 10.
    • Allow at least 2 days to reimage a laptop to Windows 10.
  • Remember local data is not backed up.
  • If your laptop is running Windows 10, please make sure you log into the Cisco AnyConnect VPN prior to logging into Windows using the instructions here.
  • Review our Remote Access Policies (short and easy to read) to ensure you're up to date.

2019/03/14 - OneDrive for Business Sync Client

If you are unfamiliar with OneDrive for Business (Microsoft cloud storage) you can find more information on our website

On 3/21 the OneDrive sync client will become available to all users on Department of Medicine supported computers. The OneDrive sync client allows you to sync your OneDrive  or SharePoint files to your local computer for easy access and for laptop users, offline access. 

At the same time, we will enable the following two features in OneDrive.  (Existing OneDrive sync client users may be prompted regarding these.)

  1. Files On-Demand will be turned on by default to save space on local computers.  (This feature is only available on Windows 10 devices.)
  2. Protected Folders will be set to prompt users for setup. While actual setup is optional, we highly recommend setting up this feature to protect common folder locations.

You will find OneDrive in the Application Launcher starting on 3/21. The first time you launch OneDrive, it will install and walk you through the setup. Sign in with your SOM email address and password.

If you need assistance, please enter a ticket and we will be happy to help you.

2019/03/13 - Attention: Medicine Remote Desktop Users

Effective immediately you will now see a new Desktop when you login to VMWare horizon. The desktop is simply called “Remote Desktop”. This will replace the current “Medicine Remote Desktop” which will no longer be available on 3/19. Functionality will remain the same. 

Please use “Remote Desktop” going forward. 

As a reminder, please review the Remote Access Policies section for information regarding access to remote systems: 

For any issues regarding remote access, please submit a ticket to Service Desk.

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