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2020/09/29 - Reminder: Leave your computer on every night

It is critical and mandatory to leave all computers powered on at night for security/patching. The following events are scheduled late at night to minimize disruption and adhere to campus security policies:

  • virus/malware scans to detect and remove malicious software
  • installation of critical security patches
  • important software upgrades
  • inventory scans to ensure an accurate listing of hardware and software
  • scans to detect sensitive data stored locally on the computer

When you are done for the day, please restart your computer and power off your monitor. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

2020/05/12 New Helpdesk Product Coming 5-18-2020

An initiative to consolidate to one centralized Helpdesk product in FPI/SOM is underway and we (Medicine/EPI) are going live with the  new system (SysAid) this coming Monday, May 18th

Important Info

  • Our support e-mail address is NOT changing.
  • My team will continue servicing everyone—we have not consolidated support groups in any way.
  • The customer facing portal link will change and we will update our links/support page accordingly.
  • Tickets/Data will NOT be migrated over, we are starting with a clean slate.

2020/04/03 Introduction to Microsoft Teams

With everyone settling in and working remotely, we want to ensure you have the knowledge and expertise to easily communicate and collaborate with your colleagues and friends.  The University is licensed for several tools that support remote communication.  SOM/FPI believe one tool that is available to all faculty, staff, and students is under appreciated and, therefore, underutilized.  Microsoft Teams integrates well with all of the Microsoft products we use every day.  If you are collaborating with others but sharing documents via email, chatting via email, we have another alternative. Please click here for an instructional video demonstration.

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