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2019/11/22 - Important — Spam/Junk Mail Reminder

A reminder that messages marked as Spam are now being delivered to your respective Junk Mail folder in Outlook; please be sure to check it often for false positives. It is only necessary to add any external address to your Outlook Safe Senders List

Instructions to add to your safe senders list.

(optional) Send Microsoft a spam false-positive report by following these steps:

  1. In Outlook on the web, go to the Junk Email folder and find the message that was incorrectly marked as junk.
  2. Right-click the message, and then click Mark as not junk.
  3. In the Report as not junk dialog, click Report.

Your report automatically goes to the Microsoft Spam Analysis Team to help improve their spam filters.

2019/11/14 - OneDrive for Business

Just a friendly reminder that we have Onedrive for Business available for cloud-based data storage and collaboration with internal and external users.

OneDrive for Business

  • Up to 10TB of cloud storage available to all Office 365 users, easily accessible from any Internet connected device
  • Works well with Office files and is great for archiving seldom used data, can be a replacement or an alternative to your H drive
  • File History/Previous Versions
  • OneDrive sync client allows you to sync your OneDrive files to your local computer for easy access and for laptop users/offline access
  • Protected Folders can be enabled to protect common locations of saved data
  • Files On-Demand is turned on by default to save space on local computers (Windows 10 only)

More detailed information is available on our Office 365 page.

2019/10/18 - Changes to Spam detection Effective 10/23

Currently, SPAM is being routed to an Office 365 quarantine mailbox which was accessed with the “Office 365 Quarantine” icon in the Application Launcher.  As of Wednesday October 23rd, SPAM will be routed to your “Junk Email” folder in Outlook.  The online quarantine will still be available to access if needed.

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