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2021/07/19 - Action Required - Update your Remote Desktop client

Attention all DOM Desktop and Go to PC users,

Your Action is required to maintain uninterrupted access to these resources!

If you use the Remote Desktop Client on a windows device you MUST make sure you are using the latest version.

Starting on July 27th, 2021 Microsoft will be enforcing the following minimum supported versions:

  • Windows Desktop client: 1.2.1672
  • Microsoft Store client: 10.2.1810

Connections from clients that are older than these versions will be rejected. To avoid service disruption, please ensure that you are using the latest version of the client.

You can download the latest version of the client from here:

Please be sure to update prior to July 27th, 2021

2021/07/08 - Endnote v20 upgrade/availability > July 13th

We are pleased to announce Endnote v20 will be available to everyone in the Department of Medicine on July 13th.

  • If you currently have EndNote installed on a managed Windows 10 work desktop, it will automatically be upgraded to version 20 and ready for you on Tuesday 7/13.
  • If you have a managed Windows 10 laptop, make sure it is plugged into a power outlet and connected to the internet on the evening of 7/12 to receive the update.
  • If you currently have Endnote installed on your work Mac, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch regarding the upgrade process.
  • If you do not currently use EndNote and would like it installed on a Windows or Mac, please enter a ticket and provide the hostname(s).
  • Endnote on DOM Desktop will be updated to version 20 over the next several days.

Here are some links we recommend reviewing to help you get up to speed on v20:

Product Details

Compare v20 to Previous Versions

Product Training

Product Support (don’t forget to choose Help from the menu for more support options)

EndNote Online (Sync, backup and share your library. Also install the app for iPad/iPhone)

If you have any questions, please let us know. If you have any problems with the upgrade or would like it installed on additional computers, please enter a ticket with us.

2021/06/22 - Important Updates from DOM I.T.

A few important updates everyone should be aware of as you return to campus:

  • Account lock outs via Wi-Fi
    • Please check your devices for common campus Wi-Fi networks (SOMEMP, EDUROAM) and make sure they are using your current SOM password, otherwise, there is a good chance of locking out your account due to your old password. You could also “forget” them which will clear the configuration until you can re-connect them on campus. Here are instructions to forget networks on various devices. AndroidAppleWindows 10
  • New Windows Profiles
    • Upon returning to work and to your old computer, your Windows profile may have been removed which includes data on your desktop and in your documents folder. As a result, a new Windows profile will be created which means you need to reinstall network printers and any customizations desired. Please remember we DO NOT backup any local data including your desktop, documents, and bookmarks. All data and bookmarks should be stored in the Office 365 cloud (OneDrive, team etc.) and/or the H and I drives. We recommend logging into “Microsoft Edge” with your @som email address to sync/save your bookmarks to the Office 365 cloud. Network Printers can be reinstalled with the “Network Printers” icon in the Application Launcher.
  • Security/Leave Computers On
    • We are working very hard to ensure all computers are always powered on and connected to the network to ensure critical security patches are installed. All work purchased/managed computers must be powered on at all times and laptops must be powered on and connected to the Internet as much as possible. Installing critical updates in a timely manner is crucial to avoiding ransomware attacks that have crippled so many other businesses and cost them millions of dollars.
  • Application Whitelisting
    • The security office is implementing “Application Whitelisting” on Wednesday 6/23/21 as you have seen from the recent emails. While most applications are on the whitelist and will not be affected, we do anticipate some applications will not launch and will work with you on a resolution. My team will be ready to handle any incoming tickets related to this initiative. Please provide as much information as possible in the ticket including your license and business justification to run the program.

Please refer to our policies regarding local data storage and other topics covered in this email. Remember to review our I/S web-page for the most important headlines to be aware of.

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