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2022/01/20 - Reminder: Leave your computer on every night

It is critical and mandatory to leave all UMB owned/Work purchased computers (Mac and Windows) powered on and connected to the internet at night for security/patching. When you are done for the day, please restart your computer.

The following events are scheduled late at night to minimize disruption and to adhere to campus security policies:

  • virus/malware scans to detect and remove malicious software
  • installation of critical security patches
  • important software upgrades
  • inventory scans to ensure an accurate listing of hardware and software
  • scans to detect sensitive data stored locally on the computer

Your cooperation is needed to help protect us from constant threats and to ensure your computer is running It’s best.

2022/01/12 - Action Required - All UMB owned computers

Action Required - All UMB computers

If you use a UMB owned laptop or desktop computer from off campus:

  • You MUST connect to SOM VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) BEFORE logging into windows
  • You MUST connect to SOM VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) from off-campus at least weekly for several hours
  • You MUST ensure your device is connected to the internet at least twice a week for a few hours

These steps are crucial to ensure your computer functions properly and remains secure.

Note: If you have a device that is no longer used, it MUST be brought in for reallocation or proper disposal per UMB Policy. Note: Failure to return University purchased devices will be considered theft and reported to UMB as such.

If you're having trouble, please enter a ticket for assistance.

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