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Remote Access - VPN

  • VPN access is restricted to authorized users for use on Department of Medicine supported devices. For access, please submit an incident ticket.
  • Department of Medicine supported devices should be connected to the internal network directly or via the below VPN instructions whenever possible.
    • This will ensure supported devices passwords are kept in sync and software is up to date.
    • At a minimum, supported devices should be connected for several hours weekly to maintain full functionality.

***Please note that access to the SOM VPN is subject to removal without notice if unused.

After installation, please follow the bellow steps to connect to the VPN.

***You must first have an internet connection. If you need help connecting to a WiFi network prior to connecting to the VPN please submit an incident so a technician can assist you.

Logging into the VPN before logging into windows (Pre Windows Login) guarantees the best "desktop" experience. You will always use your current SOM username and password and these steps to make sure your H and I drives map successfully.


  1. Save and close all applications as the system will require a restart.
  2. Double click the “Cisco AnyConnect” icon in the application launcher.
    ZENworks Icon
  • ‌If you do not see the icon please submit an incident ticket through the Service Desk including the computer/host name of your Department of Medicine supported device.

Launch VPN Before Login (Pre Windows Login)

  1. In lower right hand corner click the “Network Sign-In” button.
    Sign-In Before Login Icon
  2. Enter the VPN Server “” if not already filled in then click Connect.
  3. For the Group select “SOM-MultiFactor”.
    Enter your current SOM username and password.
    For the Second Password type one of the following:
       “push” – After you click OK, this will send an authentication verification prompt to your Duo Mobile App on your enrolled smartphone or tablet.  Select “Approve” on your Duo Mobile App.
       “sms” – After you click OK, you will receive a SMS message on the enrolled device with a Duo passcode.  Enter this passcode into the “Duo Passcode” filed and then click OK.
       “phone” – After you click OK, you will receive a phone call at the enrolled phone #.  Follow the prompt to verify the authentication.
    Group and Credentials Prompt
  4. Accept the Usage Policy.
  5. Legal Notice
  6. Once connected you will see the connection status icon in the lower right hand corner.
    Sign-In Before Login Connected Icon
  7. Login to the device with your current SOM username and password.

Disconnect from VPN

  1. Double click “Cisco AnyConnect” icon in the application launcher or single click the icon in the system trey.
    ZENworks Icon   System Tray Connected Icon
  2. Click Disconnect.
    VPN Disconnect