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Working Remotely

Over the past 2+ years and the expanded telework arrangements, we have seen an exponential growth in the need for reliable and secure remote access. Unfortunately our traditional way of getting remote access via Virtual Private Networks (VPN) has inherited security risks that need to be addressed, mostly due to the use of personal devices accessing the UMSOM network with little or no restrictions.

We’ve been able to address some of these risks through the introduction of our Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) remote access solution. AVD allows us to provide a secure virtual desktop that has access to all the necessary UMSOM resources without exposing those resources to unmanaged personal devices. As such, we are slowly starting to formulate a plan to transition primary remote access model from VPN to AVD.

As of now, all new VPN requests are being evaluated for necessity. If there are technical reasons why use of the VPN is necessary, VPN access will be provided. However, if the intended remote access use case can be accomplished via AVD, the requester will be directed to our AVD service to support their remote access needs. We will continue to share our VPN strategy as more information is available.

There is increased importance on the ability to work remotely, efficiently and effectively.  Choose a tool to learn more about how it can help you.



Return To Campus Desktop/Laptop Information

To SOM faculty and staff supported by SOM Information Services:   

 In preparation for a return to Campus work schedule, please note the following:

  • If you have been using the VPN to remote to your desktop, security and applications updates have been maintained. 
  • If you have been using O365 via the browser and left your computer on in March, 2020, the updates should have been maintained. 
  • If your office computer has been powered off for multiple months, when turned back on, security and application updates will automatically install.  This process can take a considerable amount of time.  In cases where the machine may have been off for multiple months it could take hours.  Multiple reboots of the machine may also occur and use of the machine would be limited while updates are being installed.  Please plan for this lengthy update process when you return.
  • If you took your desktop computer home, and will now be returning to the office less than five days a week, call the help desk.  Until a regular office/telework schedule is established, a desktop or laptop will be assigned for your use on site.

To SOM faculty and staff who receive technical support from another IT group, please contact your IT support staff the way you normally do to inquire about any return to campus IT processes you should follow.