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Alumni Email

Upon graduation, all students and trainees will receive an alumni mailbox.   This is a free mailbox that is yours to use indefinitely.  It will be in the format of

We provide this free email account so that we may keep in contact as you progress through your professional career.  Once the email account has been created, we request that you forward this email address to another mailbox for convenience, and not use this account for personal or professional purposes.  You can forward this email address to another mailbox for convenience. 

You should receive an email with your username and login before your graduation date.  If you have not received a communication, please reach out to the SOM IS at

Follow these links to learn how to:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this differ from my SOM mailbox?

Whereas your SOM mailbox granted you access to a the full M365 suite of apps, including Word, Excel, Outlook, as well as OneDrive, your alumni mailbox only provides a mailbox.  Your alumni mailbox will have the same naming scheme as your SOM mailbox (i.e. jane.doe@som.umaryland,edu & but the two mailboxes are not related or connected in any way.  Your alumni mailbox will not contain any of your SOM mailbox's data.

Why can't I just keep my SOM mailbox?

In today's world of cloud computing, there is a cost associated with every mailbox we maintain.  With well over 10,000 active mailboxes at any given time, and countless students and faculty passing through our halls, it is unfortunately unfeasible to maintain fully featured mailboxes for our alumni. 

Alumni mailboxes are a no-frills way to allow us to be able to stay in communication with you.

How do I request an alumni email account?

If you're nearing or past your graduation date and you haven't heard from us, please contact your student group representative or the SOM Help Desk at  Alumni account notifications come from Dean's Office Help / with a subject of Alumni Account - Action Required.

I forgot my password.

When you first logged into your account, you had to set a recovery email or phone number, so that you can reset your password at any time.  Follow these instructions to reset your password.

Is Microsoft Office software included?

Microsoft Office software is not included with your alumni mailbox.  You are able to add your alumni mailbox to Outlook if you have a Microsoft Office license from elsewhere.

Does my password expire?

No, your password does not expire.  When you first login, you will be required to change the temporary password that was issued.  If you want to change your password at any time, follow these instructions.

Can I forward alumni email address to my personal email address?

Absolutely, just follow these instructions.

Can I send sensitive information from my alumni mailbox?

No.  Please do not send any sensitive information, including PHI information, using this account.

Can I access my alumni mailbox from my mobile device?

You can do this by following these instructions. The easiest way to do so is by downloading the Outlook mobile app from your device's app store.