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Device Management

It is extremely important that all devices that touch our digital environment be managed.  Management ensures that all devices are free of viruses and other harmful applications that could damage or steal our data.  It also keeps all devices up to date with the latest security updates, threat definitions, and policies that can protect us from current and future attacks.

All Windows devices are protected by a combination of Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.  Windows devices procured from SOM IS will come to you already managed.  If you purchase devices for your department separately, it is important that you contact the help desk to begin management of your new devices.  
Learn more about Windows management here.

All macOS devices are protected by a platform called Jamf.  Enrollment is easy and can be done with a simple email invite.  Please contact the help desk to begin today.  Learn more about macOS management here.

Mobile devices can access your mailbox and calendar without being managed, if you use the Outlook mobile app.  For iOS devices to access your mailbox using the native mail app, the device must be managed by Intune.  This is something you can install yourself.  
Learn more about mobile device management here.
Android phones' native mail app is not supported, so if you use an Android device, you must use the Outlook mobile app.
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