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I am panicking and need to talk right now

  • Student Counseling Center: 410-328-8404
  • Student Health Center: 667-214-1899
  • Psychiatric Urgent Care: 410-328-1219
  • Rise Program: 24/7 for Stressful Clinical Events – Pager 12602
  • Physician Support Line 888-409-0141 (8am-12am)

I want to relax to music/meditation

I need a friend or classmate to talk to who gets it

I want to exercise/yoga/spa my stress away

I need academic support

I want to socialize, but have chores to do

  • Cooking Group- pre-make meals for the week together on a weekend
  • Social Meal Share- someone makes the entrée, someone makes the sides, someone makes the snack bags and come together to combine and meal prep

I want to be proactive about my health

  • Routine and scheduled breaks
  • Routine physical exercise
  • Restful sleep (Don’t study in bed!)
  • Connecting with therapy before a crisis!
  • Eating Healthy (Meal prep with friends /snacks)

I am in Baltimore and need to get out of the house