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House Advisory System

Goals of the Program

  • To promote advising and mentoring for medical students across all four years of medical school
  • To allow students to more easily develop nurturing professional relationships with faculty members
  • To encourage students to serve as peer advisors and role models for other students following in their footsteps
  • To assist students with career development through advising, mentoring, peer relationships and professional connections
  • To encourage professionalism, humanism, and personal wellness
  • To develop a community of support and mentorship for those faculty interested in and dedicated to education


  • Class cohesiveness
  • Vertical mentoring from students in other classes
  • Closer associations with faculty
  • Opportunity for faculty to work as group for scholarly activity


  • Students assigned to one of four houses named for prominent SOM alumni
  • 1 senior faculty educator serves as head of each house
  • 32 core faculty (8 per house) are each assigned 5 incoming students per year (total cohort per faculty is 20 students)
  • Future opportunity for alumni to be involved as well
  • Core faculty meet their group regularly
  • House meetings with Head of House, core faculty, and students
  • Yearly welcome event at start of year for all incoming students