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OSA Advising Workshop Series

OSA Advising Workshop Series

Dec 4, 2023       Advanced Clinical Phase Scheduling (R)                             Thom                                    PPT / Recording  

Jan 3, 2024        Step 2 Registration and Timing (R)                                         Gillis                                     PPT / Recording

Jan 4, 2024        Extramural Rotations (O)                                                            Thom                                   PPT 1 PPT 2/ Recording

Apr 8, 2024        The Residency Application Overview (R)                             Lamos                                 PPT / Recording

Apr 11, 2024     Preparing for your OSA Meeting/MSPE Review (R)          Allen                                     PPT / Recording

April 2024           Personal Statement Writing (O)                                               Flaherty/Lamos              Recording

May 28, 2024      The Preliminary and TY Application                                     Thom/Dittmar                 Zoom Link (@4:00pm)

Jun 4, 2024        The Residency Application (O)                                                 Flaherty                              Zoom Link (@4:30pm)

Jul 16, 2024       Personal Statement Writing (O)                                               Flaherty/Lamos              Reid Rooms

July 30, 2024      Mission and Brand Lumpkins (O)                                            Lumpkins                         Zoom Link (@4:00pm)

August/TBD       Interview Preparedness (O)                                                       Buchanan                          Zoom Link

August 20, 2024              Personal Statement Writing (O)                                 Flaherty/Lamos              Reid Rooms

January/TBD     Post-Interview Advising: etiquette, ranking … (O)          Thom                                    Zoom Link

March/TBD        Match Week and SOAP                                                                   Lamos                                 Zoom Link