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After the Match

After the Match, is both an exciting and busy time as you transition from medical student to resident. Included here are a few helpful tips and resources that may come in handy as you plan for the future.

First, take time to celebrate your achievements with family and friends, reflect on your journey and your new path. Consider those who have helped you or made an impact along the way and let them know of your match – they will be thrilled to hear from you and excited to share in your success.

Medical School Requirements

Use this time to complete any remaining medical school tasks and requirements.

  • Confirm that you have met all Graduation Requirements
  • Complete an exit interview with Financial Aid
  • Complete the AAMC Graduation Questionnaire
  • Join the UMSOM Alumni Network

Residency Onboarding

Shortly after the Match, you will hear from your residency program and should begin the onboarding process, which includes:

  • Signing and returning your letter of acceptance
  • Signing and returning your appointment contract
  • Applying for a state medical license
  • Complete any program-specific pre-training requirements

Forms:  Any forms that need to be completed for residency program or licensure can be emailed to OSA at

Diplomas: Diplomas are issued by the UMB Office of the Registrar and are mailed directly to students after graduation. Certified electronic diplomas are also available. Information from the registrar about degree/diploma distribution can be found here:

Certifications: Many residency programs require certifications such as BLS, ACLS, and/or PALS and while some will provide these trainings during orientation, others will expect you to complete them before your arrival. Programs should provide a full list of requirements along with a list of training resources/opportunities.  The American Heart Association offers all courses; you can search their course catalog here.  Depending on availability, students may be able to access training at a reduced cost from the UMMC MASTRI center (  SOM does not offer BLS/ACLS/PALS training. 


Take this time to ensure readiness and success in residency. Plan your move, reach out to your program and new co-residents to learn more about the city and consider living options. Reserve the time to plan your move in advance. Learn more about financial wellness and create a budget for residency, consider discussing these topics during your Exit Interview with Financial Aid and learning more through the AAMC resources provided below. Prioritize your own health and wellness, use this time to shift into the mindset of residency, spend time with family and friends, and arrange personal health appointments in your new location.


Some students begin planning for the USMLE Step 3 examination before starting residency. We advise you to contact your residency program, as many have resources and dedicated time for preparation. To be eligible for Step 3, you must have an M.D. Degree conferred and verified. The Federation of State Medical Board oversees the verification process and states that examinees should anticipate up to 12 weeks post-graduation to verify a student’s eligibility.  Verification is to the FSMB is done directly by the UMB registrar. 

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