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The Residency Application - Overview and Timeline

The steps of applying to residency generally begin in the Clerkship Phase of the curriculum, starting with confirming specialty choice or alternative career plans, followed by developing an individualized Advanced Clinical Phase schedule that meets personal career goals as well as the SOM Renaissance Curriculum Graduation Requirements. The residency application process officially kicks off in April of the Clerkship Phase when applicants will receive an ERAS token (issued by OSA) indicating their eligibility to apply to graduate medical education residency programs. In April, applicants may enter limited demographic data and coordinate letter of reference requests within ERAS, while concurrently preparing for various aspects of the application including building and refining a CV and personal statement. The ERAS application opens in June, at which time applicants can begin entering additional application data and uploading supporting documents. During this time frame, applicants should also be developing a list of possible residency programs. In September, applicants may submit their application to specific residency programs and the majority of interviews will occur between October and February. Applicants (and programs) may indicate their preferences via rank order lists in February. Residency matches are made through the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) during Match Week, the third week in March.  Applicants will receive their program Match at the Match Day Ceremony at Noon on the Friday of Match Week.

NOTE: Alternative timelines for early match applicants are discussed in detail below

The Residency Application Timeline

Overview of Timeline – see general advising calendars and checklists below for more details


Refine or Confirm Career/Specialty Choice

Schedule the Advanced Clinical Phase

Schedule the USMLE Step 2 examination

April – June

Begin application prep – update CV

OSA advising – group specialty meetings and 1:1 advising sessions

Access MyERAS application (Tokens issued in April)

June 5, 2024

ERAS opens at 9 AM EST

June – August

Take USMLE Step 2 (no later than July 26, 2024)

Complete the application

September 4, 2024

Applicants can apply to programs via MyERAS at 9 AM EST

September 28, 2024

Programs can view residency applications at 9 AM EST

September – January

Register for the Match/NRMP

Go on interviews

Confirm graduation requirements


Attend optional program visit days

Submit rank order list

Complete the OSA Advising Survey and the AAMC GQ Survey


Match Week – Third week in March

Celebrate Match Day – March 21, 2025

April – June

Attend Transition to Residency

Participate in Graduation and Senior year events

Prepare to move

OSA General Advising Calendar

External Calendars and Resources

AAMC ERAS 2025 Timeline

NRMP Match Calendars

AUA Match (Urology: Application through ERAS, Match through AUA) and Society of Academic Urologists

Central Application (Some anesthesiology, neurology, plastic surgery and urology programs: Application through ERAS and/or Central Application, Match through NRMP)

ResidencyCAS (OB&GYN:  Application through ResidencyCSA; Match through NRMP)

SF Match (Ophthalmology: Application and Match through SF Match)

Checklists for Applying to Residency