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The Application - Final Steps in Applying

Confirm Documents

As you near the final stages of your application and you are ready to submit, we recommend confirming all of your documents have been uploaded.

  • Did you upload a Personal Statement?
  • Have all of your LoRs been uploaded? If not, we recommend reaching out to OSA for assistance.
  • Did you upload your photo?
  • Did you authorize the release of your USMLE transcripts?
  • Confirm the Medical School Transcripts and MSPE have been uploaded.

Certify and Submit

Once the application has been completed it is time to certify and submit.  Certifying and submitting the MyERAS application is a one-time action that cannot be reversed. The act of certifying and submitting your application locks the application so that all programs will receive the same application. The application must be certified and submitted before the applicant can apply to programs.

We encourage all students to review their application thoroughly before this step.

General tips to consider before certifying and submitting:

  • Certifying and submitting is a one-time action.
  • Carefully review the application before this step.
  • All required fields are marked by a red asterisk.
  • Note that MyERAS does not have a built-in spell/grammar check feature.
  • You must certify and submit before you can apply to programs.
  • We recommend certifying and submitting – and applying to programs – at least 48 hours before applicants are released to program directors.
  • After the application has been submitted, the only changes that can be made are to the Personal Information section.

Assign Program Signals and Documents to Programs

Program signals must be assigned on the Saved Programs page (Programs Menu) before applying to programs.

Documents should be assigned to programs on the Saved Programs page, under the Action Column of the intended program by selecting the “Assigned Documents” action. Documents for Saved Programs can be modified at any time. Once you have applied to a program, documents cannot be modified. Some new documents can be added after submission, e.g., a new LoR or an updated MSPE. However, once assigned to an applied to program, they cannot be changed.

Check the Assignments Checklist to ensure that documents are appropriately assigned and sent to all of the programs to which you have applied.

Apply to Programs

Once the application is complete, certified, and submitted – and once you have applied program signals and appropriate documents to saved programs, you are ready to apply to programs. Simply, mark the checkbox next to each program and choose “Apply”.