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Faculty and Staff

Kerri A. Thom, MD, MS

Kerri Thom, MD, MS
Professor of Epidemiology & Public Health and Medicine
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Assistant Dean for Student Research and Education

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs is responsible for the overall function of the office. In that role, Dr. Thom fosters an open and inviting atmosphere for all students to feel supported and welcome. Collaborating with others in School of Medicine and across campus, Dr. Thom serves as an advocate for students, promoting and developing processes, policies, and procedures that benefit students, staff and faculty. Dr. Thom is a mentor to all of the students in the School of Medicine, promoting their personal and professional development. She personally writes many MSPE’s (Medical Student Performance Evaluations) and oversees the writing of all MSPE’s. Dr. Thom is also the Assistant Dean for Student Research and Education and oversees the Office of Student Research. Dr. Thom is an infectious disease physician and a faculty member in the Departments of Epidemiology & Public Health and Medicine.

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown, MS
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education Operations
Direct Line: 410-706-7668


Dr. John Allen

John Allen, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. Allen serves primarily in a counseling and advisory role. He is available to write medical student performance evaluations (MSPEs) and letters of recommendation (LORs). Additionally, he serves as a faculty member in the Department of Medicine. He practices as a general internist both inside and outside the hospital, overseeing trainees of all levels. Finally, Dr. Allen has a strong interest in medical student advocacy and wellness.

Marissa Flaherty, MD
Assistant Professor for Psychiatry
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

As a member of the Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Flaherty serves the students primarily in a mentoring, academic advising and career counseling role. Dr. Flaherty works with the other members of the office to create a warm and supportive environment for all students. Dr. Flaherty enjoys helping students learn to balance their personal and professional growth through medical school and beyond. She helps write medical student performance evaluations (MSPEs) and letters of recommendation. She is a faculty member of the Department of Psychiatry and clinically works as a community outpatient psychiatrist in the Division of Community Psychiatry. She has a strong passion for teaching and serves as a clinical educator for students, residents and fellows as well.


Elizabeth Lamos, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

As a member of the Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Lamos writes Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPEs) and serves primarily in a counseling, mentoring, and activity advisory role. She is the Student Affairs liaison for the school's dual degree programs and their students. She is also on faculty in the Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology. She sees patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings and serves a clinical educator for students, residents and fellows.

Kristin Reavis

Kristin Powell Reavis, MD
Assistant Professor of Family & Community Medicine
Residency Program Director; Assistant Dean for Student Diversity & Inclusion

Dr. Reavis plays a role in enhancing and supporting the student body in issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. She advocates for increased diversity and cultural humility in the School of Medicine. She is available to discuss any student concerns about bias, discrimination, or exclusion. Dr. Reavis is a faculty member in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, where she serves as the Residency Director and the Director of Maternal Child Health.

Sofia Cascio

Sofia Cascio, MBA
SOM Director of Student Financial Planning
Direct Line: 410-706-4237

Ms. Cascio manages the Financial Wellness Program for the School of Medicine. She oversees all aspects of student financial planning and debt counseling, establishes short and long-term debt management plans, develops training materials and seminars, and more. Ms. Cascio serves as liaison between financial aid and financial wellness services. She has adopted the FIRST program (Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools), a resource provided by the Association of American Colleges (AAMC). Ms. Cascio is passionate about helping medical students make sound financial decisions that will help them during and after medical school.

Juanita Simmons, B.S. in Education
SOM Assistant Director of Financial Assistance
Direct Line: 410-706-0293

Ms. Simmons works closely with the Director of Student Financial Planning Ms. Cascio to provide financial aid and wellness service to medical students. Ms. Simmons has an abundance of experience in all financial aid processes from FAFSA to disbursement and refunds. Joining SOM from another USM school, Ms. Simmons has a deep understanding of not only federal aid, but also of MD state aid, institutional awards, and Veteran Education benefits. Ms. Simmons takes pride in providing excellent customer service and is adept at quickly assessing students financial aid issues and provides guidance to solving inquiries. Ms. Simmons is passionate about helping students understand their aid options and goes above and beyond to meet students’ individual needs.

Adam Esselman, MA

Adam Esselman, MA
Senior Academic Services Specialist
Direct Line: 410-706-1927

mccartin, kristen

Kristen McCartin, CMP
Events Specialist
Direct Line: 410-706-7689

Stephanie Lee staff portrait

Stephanie Lee, MS
Academic Services Coordinator
Direct Line: 410-706-7476

Maghan Lloyd
Academic Services Coordinator
Direct Line: 410-706-7476

Office of Student Affairs
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