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Remote Access

Remote Access

Remote access to a variety of campus resources is available to all faculty, administration, and authorized staff.  As a reminder, you are responsible for the operation and upkeep of your personal computer and home network. If remote access solutions are not working on your personal computer, try performing a general cleanup. Here are some helpful tips to do so.

All remote access is subject to our Remote Access Policies.

Multi Factor Authentication (DUO)

Under the direction of the Information Security Office we are requiring Multi Factor Authentication(A.K.A Two-Factor Authentication) for all remote access solutions (Medicine Remote Desktop, VPN, Outlook Webaccess , Outlook Phone App and Office 365).

What does this mean?  Instead of just entering your password to authenticate, an additional factor will be required.  Examples include a prompt from a mobile app, a text message or a phone call.

For more information on Duo, please visit the Duo MFA site. From this page, you will also have the opportunity to enroll in Duo.



Outlook can be accessed by all users via Outlook Web Access.


iOS Devices

Android Devices

General Access

For remote access to all other campus resources, please submit an incident ticket describing what services or applications you would like to access and a tech will contact you.