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All systems are normal.

2018/01/17 - Urgent reminder: All PCs must be left on every night

It is critical and mandatory to have all computers powered on at night.  The following events are scheduled in the evening to ensure minimal disruption and to meet campus policies: 

  • virus/malware scans to detect and remove malicious software
  • installation of critical security patches
  • important software upgrades
  • inventory scans to ensure an accurate listing of hardware and software
  • scans to detect sensitive data stored locally on the computer

 When you are done for the day, please restart your computer and power off your monitor. If you have any questions please let me know. 

 Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

2017/11/27 - Office 365 Apps Announcement (OneDrive and Groups)

We are now ready to announce and support the following Office 365 Apps: 

  • OneDrive for Business
    • 5Tb of cloud storage available to all Office 365 users
    • Easily accessible from any Internet connected device
    • Works well with Office files and is great for archiving seldom used data
    • Can be a replacement or an alternative to your H drive
    • Sharing should be kept to a minimum
    • File History/Previous Versions 
  • Groups
    • Shared calendar, files(OneDrive for Business), discussion, OneNote notebook
    • Recommended for basic collaboration with a group
    • Works best with Microsoft Office files
    • Ownership of the group can easily be transferred to another member as necessary
    • Easily accessible from any Internet connected device
    • Can be used as an alternative to the I drive 

Much more detailed information is available on our Office 365 page. 

***Both of these Apps are approved for storage of Level-1 and Level-2 data, however, you MUST read the Sharing Guidance section of our Office 365 page before sharing any data.   Keep an eye on our Office 365 page for updates to these guidelines once finalized by the ISO office.

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