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2017/06/28 - Important change coming 7/31 to access Office 365 from off-campus

Attention all users that access Office 365 applications remotely:

To enable a much higher level of security on your account with the goal of protecting SOM data, multi-factor authentication is being implemented using an application named DUO.  

What does this mean?  What is multi-factor authentication?

Instead of only entering your password to authenticate as you do today, an additional factor will be required.  Examples of additional factors include a prompt from the DUO mobile app, a text message or a phone call.

What specifically will be affected?

The Office 365 suite of applications (Outlook Web access, Phone Apps like Outlook, Skype for business etc.) when accessed off-campus from any device or when using the data plan on your smart phone, tablets etc.

If I DO NOT access Office 365 applications from off-campus or from a smartphone do I have to register?  (The Va is considered off-campus)


When will this take effect?

July 31st at 6:00 a.m.

What should I do prior to July 21st?

We highly recommend that you Enroll now to ensure you are ready on the 31st.

If I am already enrolled in DUO must I enroll again for Office 365?


Do I have to enroll on campus?

No you can enroll from any computer on the Internet with any web browser.

What will happen if I do not enroll by July 31st?

The first time you use one of the affected services/applications you will be prompted to enroll in DUO.


If you need assistance please enter a ticket.

2017/06/20 - SOM Wireless Authentication Migration

Wednesday, June 21st at 6pm, SOM IT staff will migrate authentication services for wireless authentication from Cisco ACS to Cisco ISE.  SSID’s which will be migrated, include SOMEmp, IHVEmp, SOMStudent, and Eduroam.  No downtime is expected, however users will notice upon reconnection, they may receive a prompt to accept/trust the new certificate that ISE will provide.  Any wireless connections already established, should not lose connectivity.

Users will need to log in with their @som credentials moving forward from this point. Legacy @medicine or @epi credentials will no longer work.

2017/06/12 - .ZIP files blocked from off-campus email

Moving forward, all .ZIP files sent from off-campus email addresses will be blocked. This is in response to the increase in large-scale malware activity. There is no expiration to this policy at this time.

2017/05/30 - New FAQs in Service Desk

We have been working hard to update our Service Desk Self Help section. Here you can find the answer to many of the common questions we receive without waiting for a technician to respond to your ticket. 

One of the most recent questions of note: I cannot open wav files from an email attachment on my phone to listen to a voicemail.  You receive "This action is blocked by your IT group"

If you want to know the answer take a look at FAQ number 443.

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