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Information Systems

We will be applying patches to all servers on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017, starting at 8 p.m.  Maintenance is expected to finish by midnight, but it may take longer if we encounter any issues.  All services will be down intermittently. Please plan accordingly. 

2017/03/22 - Medicine Remote Desktop Changes

We are converting our “Medicine Remote Desktop” to a new server. This new server will make use of the Two-Factor authentication process mentioned in the 2017/03/08 Headline below. If you have not already setup your DUO access, it is highly recommended that you do so now.

Please see our knowledgebase article FAQ #: 180 for information on how to use the system.

On April 5th,  access using the old address ( will be removed and you must begin using the new server (

On April 12th, DUO will become mandatory for all users of this system. If you have not setup your DUO access by this date you will not be able to access the system.

2017/03/16 - Service Desk Email Address Change

Effective immediatly Service Desk will be using a new email address. You will now see email from Service Desk coming from Please use this new address when emailing Service Desk.

2017/03/08 - Important security changes coming to all Remote Access Systems

Under the direction of the Information Security Office we will soon be requiring Multi Factor Authentication(A.K.A Two-Factor Authentication) for all remote access solutions (Medicine Remote Desktop, VPN, Outlook Webaccess , Outlook Phone App and Office 365).

What does this mean?  Instead of just entering your password to authenticate, an additional factor will be required.  Examples include a prompt from a mobile app, a text message or a phone call.

In the coming weeks we will be rolling out Duo, the campus multi factor system, to these services. These roll outs will be staggered and announcements will be made as we prepare to enable Duo on them.

For more information on Duo, please visit the Duo MFA site. From this page, you will also have the opportunity to enroll in Duo prior to our rollout. If you use any of the remote access solutions, it is highly recommended that you pre-enroll to ease the transition once we begin the rollout.

2017/01/10 - Reporting Suspicious E-mail

Effective immediately please forward all suspicious email to for analysis and further instruction.

Our Mission

To simplify and support the clinical and research computing needs of the faculty and staff in the Department of Medicine in a diverse, decentralized IT environment.

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