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Pre-travel Requirements

Things to consider when planning an international elective:

  • M3 students: Make sure to speak with an OSA Dean prior to applying to an international elective. In the 4th year, students will be busy with the residency application process. OSA Deans can help students pick the best month for international travel.
  • Read over the 4th year section of Academic Handbook prior to considering an international elective.
  • Initiate the UMB Student International Travel Request Process with the Center for Global Engagement
  • Check the United States Travel Advisories List prior to applying for an elective. The following policies apply:
    1) presumptive approval level 1 countries, 2) possible approval level 2 countries, 3) presumptive non-approval of level 3 countries, 4) no approval of level 4 countries under any circumstances.
    SOM reserves the right to mandate review and recommendation by the Center for Global Education Initiatives (CGEI) of any student travel request and will automatically require review for all level 3 countries.
    Final decision on all requests is made by the Dean or designee.
  • Read over the UMB Campus International Travel Resources page.

Required Reading

  • Off Campus Elective Form Instructions
    This instruction guide will help you to fill out the Off-Campus Elective form correctly. Read this form before submitting an off-campus form to a departmental coordinator. 

Required Forms

All the forms below are required to process your international elective registration. The Sample MMCIP Coverage Letter will be completed and sent via e-mail after all of the paperwork is complete and processed. All required materials must be returned to OSA at least four weeks prior to your departure. 

Other Pre-travel Requirements 

  • All UM students are to register their international travel plans using the UMB Travel Request Form. The form collects emergency information to help UM reach you in the event of a crisis. The Travel Request Form is used for travel on UM business, whether or not travel will be reimbursed by UM. Access the form via the myUM Portal, or work with your unit's travel coordinator. (This is something different than SOS).
  • U.S. citizens traveling or living overseas are encouraged to register with the U.S. Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
  • Non-U.S. citizens should register with their country’s embassy in the destination country or countries.