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Clinical Scheduling and Sites

Student Scheduling

The Office of Student Affairs supports student scheduling during the clinical phases of the curriculum.  The 12-month Clerkship phase is scheduled by OSA during Winter of the second year.  Scheduling for the Advanced Clinical Phase begins in winter of the third year. Students have the flexibility to build their own unique schedules in the Advanced Clinical Phase, within the framework of the Graduation Requirements, to meet personal and professional goals.

Scheduling Resources

Advanced Clinical Phase Scheduling Process - Intramural Rotations

Advanced Clinical Phase Scheduling Process - Extramural (Away) Rotations

Clinical Training Sites

The Renaissance Curriculum is a fully integrated curriculum, teaching normal and abnormal processes at the same time with clinical context and early and more extensive interactions with patients. Clinical experiences occur across the entirety of the curriculum and occur at clinical locations of excellence throughout Maryland.

Transportation:  Students are required to have access to transportation for various off-campus clinical site assignments (see Clinical Site Assignment Policy).

Requirements: Requirements vary by clinical sites and affiliate sites may have additional requirements for clinical rotations. Students are encouraged to discuss application requirements with the designated contact person.

Clinical Training Sites