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Commitment to Scholarship

UMSOM Office of Student Research

The Office of Student Research (OSR) inspires the scientific curiosity of UMSOM students and trainees and facilitates rigorous research experiences to prepare evidence-driven clinicians, academic leaders, and scientific innovators. 

The OSR oversees all research education and research programming for UMSOM medical students, the MD/Masters dual-degree programs, year-out research programs and research electives. The OSR provides centralized access to resources about student research opportunities, funding, and awards. In addition, OSR faculty provide individualized research advising and support to all UMSOM medical students across a diverse array of research opportunities 


The Foundations of Research and Critical Thinking (FRCT) course is designed to provide all medical students with the necessary educational and practical tools to pursue a highly successful and productive career in clinical or academic medicine by stimulating critical thinking and enhancing intellectual acuity and inquisitiveness. The scholarly activity portion for FRCT provides students an opportunity to engage in a meaningful research activity of their choice, under the guidance and supervision of their mentor and the OSR team.

Year-Off Research

Students with strong interests in research may pursue semester-long and year-long research experiences. Participation in such programs requires a leave of absence from the traditional medical school curriculum, although some students remain enrolled to sustain health insurance and to ensure that educational loans are not immediately repayable. Students may pursue these experiences after the completion of the clerkship phase. Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Affairs early in the academic year to discuss options.

Students should also contact the Office of Student Research early in the decision-making process to discuss potential funding sources and the selection of research sites and mentors. Many external programs offer a stipend or funding. These programs often start on or after July 1 and require either a Letter of Good Academic Standing or a Dean’s Letter of Recommendation.