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Good Standing

Scope and Purpose

This policy applies to all students enrolled in the M.D. program of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dual-degree students may have other conditions and requirements; please refer to the policies for each program.

Policy Statement

Good Standing denotes that a student has met the academic and professionalism requirements of the medical school to enroll, re-enroll, or transfer elsewhere. A student shall not be in Good Standing when on probation or dismissed from school.

Under extraordinary circumstances, a student may be deemed not in Good Standing as designated by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs until such time as the issue has been adjudicated.

A student who is not in Good Standing is subject to the same exclusions as outlined in the Probation Policy.

For purposes of verifying student status to outside, non-academic organizations or institutions (e.g., insurance, military), the Office of Student Affairs shall issue a standard Letter of Good Standing if applicable.

A student, even while in Good Standing, may not be permitted to assume certain extracurricular positions if both the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and the Associate Dean for Medical Education determine, based on the student's documented history of academic performance and/or professional behavior, that assuming such a role would not be in the best interest of either the student or the School of Medicine. This decision may be appealed to the Advancement Committee.


Email the Office of Student Affairs to request a Letter of Good Standing.

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Approved: CCC August 27, 2019