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Career Advising

Student Development and Career Advising 

Personal and professional development is an integral part of your medical school career. At The University of Maryland School of Medicine, all faculty share a passion for helping students explore their individual career paths and specialty choices. In the Office of Student Affairs, we help students from their first day of medical school through mentoring, academic advising, personal development and career counseling. Every student has a unique set of skills, circumstances and path which they follow, and we are here to help them thrive. 

Please see the UMSOM Residency Application Manual and the Career and Residency Advising Resources for more information.

AAMC Careers in Medicine

Our school participates in the Careers in Medicine Program (CIM) through the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) which provides a myriad of resources and opportunities for students to explore different career opportunities.  

Each year of medical school is a unique point on your journey to becoming a well-rounded physician in pursuit of your specialty of choice. Below is a map of how The Office of Student Affairs helps you through your journey, using the Careers in Medicine Program as a guide.   

Your Career in Medicine Pathway

HIGHLIGHTS to consider

First Year of Medical School: Understanding Yourself  

Second Year of Medical School: Explore Options   

  • Meet with your OSA House Advisor to update your career plan 
  • Participate in Interest Groups and explore different medical specialties
  • Visit and explore AAMC Explore Options
  • Gather information and experience in research, educational endeavors and volunteer opportunities
  • Examples include medical society memberships, meeting with OSR, The UMB Learning Institute micro-courses, AAMC Virtual Specialty Forum
  • Revisit/refine your personal mission and vision and consider how that fits with your brand 
  • Review non-residency career options if applicable
  • The UMB Learning Institute micro-courses
  • Meet with your House Advisory Mentor  

Third Year of Medical School:  Choose Your Specialty 

  • Meet with your OSA House Advisor to update your career plan 
  • Continue to explore specialties through clerkships and clinical rotations
  • Visit and explore AAMC Choose Your Specialty
  • Revisit and refine your “Brand” or your personal mission and vision 
  • Map your skills, activities and career goals to specific specialties of interest
  • Check out the OSA Residency Application Manual
  • Connect to Departmental Advisors/Mentors in specialties of interest 

Fourth Year of Medical School: Prepare for Residency  

Please review our Residency Handbook for more in-depth information on these topics.