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Leaves, Gaps, and Breaks from the Curriculum

Relevant Policies:

Students may consider a leave, gap, or break from the traditional curriculum for personal reasons (e.g., medical or other life circumstances) or for professional growth and development (e.g., to pursue research or an alternate degree). If you are considering a leave, the first step is to meet with a Dean from the Office of Student Affairs to discuss whether a leave is right for you, how to make the most of your time away, and the various implications of your leave. 

If you are considering the pursuit of research or an alternative degree, you should also meet with faculty in the Office of Student Research to discuss potential opportunities, possible funding mechanisms, and options at UMSOM.

All students considering a leave, but most especially those receiving financial aid, must meet with the UMB Registrar and the SOM Office of Financial Aid and Wellness to discuss the impact on tuition and fees, financial aid, and loan repayments. 

Students who take a formal leave of absence will not be registered and will not pay tuition and fees and thus are not eligible for financial aid and cannot access student services (e.g., health insurance, malpractice coverage, student health and counseling, library, gym, etc.…). Students also cannot participate in pre-clerkship electives or clinical activities or serve in elected or leadership positions. 

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