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Student Health Resources

UMB Student Health Resources include the Student Health Center, the Student Counseling Center, and Disability Services. Information regarding the full list of services, location and hours of operation can be found on the links below.

Student Health

Call to schedule your urgent or primary care needs
University of Maryland Campus Health
408 W. Lombard St., Upper Level
Phone: 667-214-2233
After hours and on-call provide is available to answer urgent calls

For immunizations, students may self-schedule at the UMB Student Health Shot Clinic
Immunizations are documented through the UMB Electronic Record, Complio ABD.  Information regarding accessing and troubleshooting the Electronic Record can be found here.

For COVID Protocols in the Learning Environment: 

If you are sick, you should not come to campus or your clinical sites. 

All students should follow the guidance outlined on the UMB COVID-19 Information page regarding what to do if you feel ill and when to return to educational activities. Students who need additional guidance may consult with Student Health.

Pre-clerkship students may access Virtual Learning Accommodations via the MedScope Support Page. If you need to be absent multiple days (2 or more) due to illness, please contact your course directors and OSA. Students who need an accommodation for an assessment due to acute illness, they should reach out to OSA/OME as soon as possible.

Clinical year students must follow the expectations of their clinical site.

  • For UMMS sites, review the UMMS COVID Policy and if you are have a positive COVID-19 test, you must report it via this smartsheet.
  • For the VA, send an email to and copy your supervisor on the email explaining your illness. Someone will contact you via email and then call to get more details. You should follow their guidance for next steps and when to return to work.
  • For all other sites, follow the guidance provided by the site and/or your course/clerkship director. 

For other Urgent Needs:

For true emergencies, students should proceed to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

For Administrative Assistance email, call or visit the Student Health Administrative Office
408 W. Lombard St., Lower Level
Phone: 667-214-1883

Student Counseling

Call or request services online
Student Counseling Center
621 W Lombard St., suite 302
Phone: 410-328-8404
Online request for same day appointments are also available

If you need immediate help (if you or a peer are in crisis), call 410-328-8404 and mention that you are in crisis or if it is after hours press “7” for immediate assistance.

Additional Crisis Resources

For true mental health emergencies, proceed to the nearest emergency room, call 988 or contact the UMB Police 410-706-6882

Substance use resources. For resources and information visit the UMB Student Counseling Center Substance Use resource page. If you are concerned about a friend or a colleague, UMB Student Counseling Center Resources to Help Others provides guidance and consultation.