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Faculty and Staff

Donna Parker, MD

‌Donna L. Parker, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Associate Professor Department of Medicine
University of Maryland School of Medicine Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs is responsible for the overall function of the office. In that role, Dr. Parker fosters an open and inviting atmosphere for all students to feel welcome. She is an advocate and mentor for all of the students in the School of Medicine, promoting their personal and professional development. She serves on committees and collaborates with other School of Medicine and University offices to improve processes and to establish policies and procedures, with the goal of providing better service to our students, staff and faculty. Dr. Parker personally writes many MSPE’s (Medical Student Performance Evaluations) and oversees the writing of all MSPE’s.

Joseph Martinez

‌Joseph Martinez, MD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Assistant Dean for Clinical Medical Education
Residency Programs Liaison

The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs serves primarily in a counseling and activity advising role. He also writes MSPE’s (Medical Student Performance Evaluations) and letters of recommendations. Dr. Martinez is a Careers in Medicine Liaison and facilitates the Mentoring Program. Dr. Martinez is also on faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine.


Elizabeth Lamos, MD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Assistant Professor

As a member of the Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Lamos writes Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPEs) and serves primarily in a counseling, mentoring, and activity advisory role. She is the Student Affairs liaison for the school's dual degree programs and their students. She is also on faculty in the Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology. She sees patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings and serves a clinical educator for students, residents and fellows.

John Allen, MD

John Allen, MD
Assistant Professor

As the newest member of the Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Allen serves primarily in a counseling and advisory role. He is available to write medical student performance evaluations (MSPEs) and letters of recommendation (LORs). Additionally, he serves as a faculty member in the Department of Medicine. He practices as a general internist both inside and outside the hospital, overseeing trainees of all levels. Finally, Dr. Allen has a strong interest in medical student advocacy and wellness.

Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown, MS
Executive Director for Student Affairs and Medical Education
Direct Line: 410-706-7668


Sonia Beasley

Sonia Beasley, BS
Associate Director
Direct Line: 410-706-7586

The Associate Director provides students with registration guidance and assistance and proper records management. She monitors and maintains the University/SOM student information system for academic records (SURFS) used in admissions registration, and mandated reporting functions ensuring the confidentiality and accuracy for students. She is the managing editor for the Academic Handbook, the elective and subinternship catalogs. She serves as the Veteran’s Administrative benefits liaison. She coordinates affiliation agreements and leaves of absence for students. She is the point person for FERPA questions or concerns, international elective registration and add/drop processes.

Reeta Gach

Reetta Gach, MS
Events Specialist
Direct Line: 410-706-7689

As the Events Specialist, Reetta Gach plans the Office of Student Affairs significant events such as Match Day, Graduation, and the Student Clinician Ceremony. In addition to event planning, she provides various levels of support to other OSA events and initiatives including the Alpha Omega Alpha Annual Induction Banquet, Gold Humanism Honor Society Awards Ceremony, House Advisory System’s Annual House Cup Event, and the Stress Less and Decompress Wellness Program.  Along with Ms. Dzaringa, Mrs. Gach oversees many administrative processes for student interest groups and student councils. She also supports student affairs communications by designing and editing the White Coat newsletter, promoting events, contributing to website upkeep and design, and assisting with social media engagement.

If you have something you think is newsletter worthy, email us at and include Newsletter in the subject line. Also, we want to know what our students are doing (in and out of school).  We would love to brag about our students’ non-school related activities (art, marathons, volunteering, cooking, etc.). Feel free to share photos, stories, videos, and recipes with consent for us to post on social media (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) or in our Newsletter. It is the sole discretion of the Office of Student Affairs to decide what will make it into the newsletter and on our social media sites and unfortunately, not everything will. Thank you in advance!

Tami VanDamme

Tami VanDamme, MS
Program Coordinator
Direct Line: 410-706-1927

Ms. VanDamme is the OSA liason managing the VSLO (Visiting Student Learning Opportunities) application system for both UOMSoM and visiting medical students. She manages affiliation agreements for visiting students and processes white coat ordering. She creates and maintains the podcasts for OSA and updates for OSAs website.

Ashley Crawford, BS
Administrative Assistant II
Direct Line: 410-706-7476

Ms. Crawford provides daily administrative support to students. Her support includes a range of items including managing medical degree verifications, alumni MSPE's, generates good guy letters, good standing letters and judicial board letters for students.

Aline Dzaringa

Aline Dzaringa, MS
Business Analyst
Direct Line: 410-706-3649

Ms. Dzaringa manages SOM Student Organization financial accounts, processing reimbursements and helping student leaders within these organizations with fundraising needs including creating web pages. She is the OSA liaison managing the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS) and the Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPE). She is OSA’s primary contact with the Association of American Medical College’s (AAMC) and manages the oversight and quality assurance of the MSPE and the ERAS application process.

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