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Visiting Students

Only 4th year applicants in good standing from an allopathic medical school located within the United States and accredited by the Liason Committee on Medical Education Accreditation (LCME) will be accepted; no exceptions.

The 2021-2022 elective catalog is now visible. In accordance with the Coalition for Physician Accountability guidance on away rotations, we are not currently accepting visiting students through July 2021, due to the COVID19 pandemic. We will be accepting applications through VSLO as of May 1st, 2021; for a rotation start date of July 5, 2021 or later. The 2021-2022 VSLO elective catalog will be active on April 15th, 2021 and students may then begin the application process. We will not be accepting visiting students beginning January 1, 2022. For more information on VSLO, visit AAMC/VSLO or contact VSLO (202)478-9878.

Malpractice coverage MUST extend up to or beyond the end date of last rotation applied for.

OSHA Universal Precautions Speak to your home school for information/renewal. Expiration date must cover entire rotation. Upload completion/expiration date document.

Upload all docs as PDF or JPG


Who is the contact for application questions?

Tami VanDamme

What is the duration of each extramural elective?

Minimum of four weeks

How many extramural electives will a visiting student be allowed to arrange?

One per student per specialty

Is a separate application needed for each elective request?


Are there any fees charged?


If a departmental coordinator gives a visiting student a verbal approval, is it necessary to complete an application through VSLO?

Yes. All applications MUST be processed via VSLO.

Is housing provided?

UMB Housing 

How are parking arrangements made?

Contact Parking and Transportation Services 410-706-6603 or contact the elective department coordinator.

Are there options for off-rotations if a schedule does not match elective dates in the catalog?

Off-rotations are up to the actual elective department.

If I have special needs, will I be accommodated?


SOM Resources

Information for Accepted Visiting Students

Campus Resources

Exposure at UMB (needle stick, etc.) 


Tami VanDamme
685 W. Baltimore Street, Suite 152
Baltimore, MD 21201