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Creating or Editing Calendar Events

For events to appear in the online calendar and weekly email of SOM events, they must be entered into Terminal Four (T4), our web content management system. All events entered in T4 will simultaneously appear on the SOM calendar and the UMB campus calendar.

How to Enter Events into the Calendar

  1. Contact the SOM Web Team to request calendar access in Terminal Four using your UMID. If you don't know your UMID, click here
  2. Download the step-by-step instructions
  3. Enter your events into Terminal Four at

Creating and Editing Calendar Events Guide

Download Step-by-Step Instructions

Web Service Requests

Requests for service, questions and suggestions may be directed to:

Larry Roberts
Assistant Dean for Broadcast & Digital Communications
(410) 706-4939

Ted Glazer
Director of Web Communications
(410) 706-2106

Andy Goldberg
Lead Web Developer
(410) 706-4280