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T4 Support and Guides

What is Terminal Four (T4)?

Terminal Four is the web content management tool used by UMB to update all its websites, including the UM School of Medicine's site.

In simplest terms, T4 is a website used to manage other websites.

It is web-based, so you can access it anywhere provided you have been granted access and have an internet connection. You can use T4 to create, edit and delete web pages.

To request access to T4, inquire about training, or request support, please contact Andy Goldberg.

T4 Training

To become a website editor, you must complete a two-hour online class held virtually on Microsoft Teams. The training thoroughly covers all basic T4 concepts, including site structure, adding and managing content, working with images and other media, and more.

T4 Training Request Form


The guides below were created prior to upgrading to a new version of T4. They are still helpful, but there may be slight variations. New guides are in the process of being developed.

Step-by-step instructions on how to execute common tasks in T4:

How to Update Your Faculty Profile

How to Add Events to the UMSOM Online Calendar

Accessing and Logging In

Understanding Sections

Understanding Content Types

Updating an Existing Section

Creating a New Section (Page) and Manage Left Navigation

Adding Content

Working with Hyperlinks

How to Send Your Content Live 
If your updates aren't showing up live, most likely the content wasn't approved. This guide shows how to approve content.

Ordering Navigation

Creating a Section Link
Left navigation item that does not reside in the section.

How To Create Accordions and Tabs

Adding an Event Teaser List

Which Web Browser Should I Use When Working in T4?

T4 does NOT work well in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

When working in T4, please use Mozilla Firefox (best choice) or Google Chrome.

If you don't have one of these browsers installed, select a link below:

Faculty Profiles

The link below takes you to a page with everything you need to update your profile. It includes information on how to access your profile, delegate a staff member to update your profile, and how to manage your official faculty portrait.

Please note: If you've already notified the Dean that your profile was completed, you may ingore Step Three. 

Updating an Online Faculty Profile


The UM SOM shares the same calendar as all UMB schools, The Elm. Adding an event to the T4 calendar is a great way to promote the event, as it will be shared throughout UMB.

Submit an Event

Online Forms

The Web Development team use a web-based tool called “Wufoo” to create online forms that capture information. Some examples are registration forms, customer service, feedback questionnaires and surveys. The information entered into the form is stored in a database that can be viewed anywhere. Data can also be exported into Excel. 

Online Forms - Intro and What to Provide