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Student Profiles


Jo-Anne Miller, Medical Technology Track  

The DMRT program has lived up to her high expectations. "It is a very structured program that allows you to build your knowledge as you go, leaving you very prepared to enter an actual clinical setting," Jo-Anne raves.

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Marilyn Nguty-Nkeng, Medical Technology Track  

"I can pursue both the clinical and scientific aspects. The DMRT program has really exposed me to the profession of clinical laboratory science. "

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Maria Mochin-Peters, Biotechnology Track  

"I loved the idea of learning in an environment that has such a small student-to-faculty ratio," she says. "My professors are accessible and approachable; they know me by my first name and what type of learner I am."

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Eugene Ateh, Categorical Student  

Like many others in the program, he hopes to further his education and improve his employment options. "I’d like to go on to the Masters in Public Health program here before going back to my country," he says. "I know that my DMRT education will prove very useful in my success."

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Christine Wentt, Medical Technology Track  

"I believe I was able to advance so quickly because of the training I received in the DMRT program," says Christine. "I was able to do an internship as part of my DMRT training, working as a student lab tech for six months, which was great hands-on experience."

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Donna Shaw, Medical Technology Track  

"Upon completion of the Bachelor’s program at DMRT, I was offered a position as a graduate teaching assistant, which allowed me to continue my education in the Masters program," Donna explains. "I received tuition, plus a stipend, which for me was a wonderful opportunity."

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