Please Note: We are not accepting new applications to the Department of Medical Research Technology's academic programs at this time.
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Master of Science Program


The Department of Medical and Research Technology Master of Science program provides medical technologists (clinical laboratory scientists) with advanced knowledge and skills to enhance their professional development. Graduates of the program hold a variety of jobs, including laboratory supervisors and managers, medical technology educators, academic and biotechnology researchers, technical representatives for industry, directors of marketing, clinical trial coordinators, and scientists in governmental regulatory agencies.

Designed for both medical technologists and students with undergraduate life science degrees, the program offers two tracks: biotechnology (research track, thesis required) and laboratory management (management track, nonthesis option). In the biotechnology track, the student acquires the advanced training and skills needed for research in the biomedical field. The curriculum emphasizes molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, and regulatory issues. The laboratory management track develops skills in laboratory administration. Students will find the program flexible and may tailor and arrange the program to fit individual interests and backgrounds.