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Biomedical Research

Credit Hour Requirements

A minimum of 30 credit hours is required. This requirement includes 24 credits of course work and 6 hours of thesis research with a completion of a research thesis.

CHEM 437Comprehensive Biochemistry I [UMBC]4 credits (other biochemistry courses may be taken with permission of DMRT Grad Committee)
MEDT 628Seminar3 credits
(1 credit, must enroll three times)
All DMRT graduate students are required to attend seminar during their tenure as a graduate students. 
MEDT 630Scient & Techn Writing3 credits 
MEDT 635Teaching Practicum2 credits
(enrollment with the permission of the course director w/ whom the teaching practicum will be taken) 
DBMS 638Biostatistics1-3 credits
(or PREV 620 Principles of Biostatistics or PUBL 604 Statistical Analysis) 
MEDT 680 Lab Management3 credits
(Biomed Res Track students may select an alternate management course with permission of DMRT Grad Committee) 
MEDT 687QC & Regulations Lab Sci2 credits 
MEDT 631 Research Design2 credits 
CIPP 909Responsible Conduct of Rsrch1-2 credits 
MEDT 799M.S. Thesis Research6 credits
Students may begin their research project after taking biochemistry and finishing approximately 12 hours of course work. 
ELECTIVE COURSES: The remainder of the course requirements are elective biomedical courses in student's field of interest, which must be approved by student's advisor. 
Overview Molecular and Cell Biology3 credits 
MEDT 671 Special Topics1-4 credits 
MEDT 634Teaching Practicum Major4 credits 
GPLS 702Basic Immunology3 credits 
CHEM 638Comprehensive Biochemistry II4 credits [UMBC]
BIOL 614Genetics and Eukaryotic Molecular Biology4 credits [UMBC]
GPLS 710Principles of Bacterial Pathogenesis3 credits 
GPLS 704Basic Virology3 credits 

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