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Financial Aid/Scholarships

University of Maryland Baltimore

Student Financial Assistance and Education


Scholarships are only available to United States citizens, permanent residents and degree-seeking students.

Laboratories of Pathology Education Assistance Program

The Laboratories of Pathology Education Assistance Program is an innovative and competitive scholarship opportunity offered in conjunction with the DMRT within the University of MD School of Medicine. The University of MD Medical Center is designed to encourage and support entry-level medical technology careers in the acute care setting and to foster the transition from student to laboratory professional.

Eligibility requirements include the following:

  • Current enrollment as a full-time undergraduate in the BS program of the University of Maryland Department of Medical and Research Technology

  • Minimum 3 GPA maintained throughout the degree program

  • Meet all hiring requirements of University of Maryland Medical Center Laboratories of Pathology

  • Sign a letter of commitment to remain employed as a Medical Technologist at UMMC Laboratories of Pathology based on the scholarship level

  • Agree to begin employment within one month of graduation

  • Students participating in the Education Assistance Program may receive up to 4 semesters 

Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity and American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science E & R Fund, Inc.

Founded in 1948, the Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity is a national laboratory fraternity whose purpose is the advancement of professionals in the clinical laboratory sciences. One of the prime activities of the fraternity is the granting of graduate and undergraduate scholarships. Scholarship recipients are announced during the Awards Program at the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science Annual Meeting.

University System of Maryland 2 + 2 + 2

The 2+2+2 Scholarship was established by the staff members of the USM Office to acknowledge the achievement of transfer students completing the 2+2+2 programs developed between high schools, Maryland community colleges and USM institutions. The 2+2+2 programs serve to create a ’seamless web’ of secondary and post-secondary education within the school-to-career- programs, as student’s progress from the high schools to the community colleges to the USM institutions.